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RUF RT 12R (next car to release)

  • Ruf RT12 R Screenshots: Check out screenshots of the Ruf RT12 R, currently in production by iRacing. iRacing’s Greg Hill says that great progress has been made on the car. The graphics are pretty much done and iRacing is working hard to finalize the physics. No word when we will see this car released, could be in Season 4 2013. See Screenshots 8/8
  • UPDATE: Tony Gardner says iRacing plans to release three versions of this car all for the normal price. For $11.95 you would get all three versions of the car, AWD, RWD, and a cup/racing version. The car in the screenshots are of the “cup” version. 8/8
  • UPDATE 2: Steve Myers wrote “Lets not call it a “cup” car, lets call it a “track” car. Its name in the sim will be Ruf RT 12R Track. Imagine you had a Ruf RT-12 R and you blew the motor and you decided to put a normally aspirated racing motor in it and put slicks on it to go racing with. And yes, we recorded and will have a different engine sample set for track version of the car.” 8/9
  • UPDATE 3: The AWD and RWD versions won’t have much in the way of setup changes, I think. Mostly just tire pressure and sway bar adjustment. The rear wing DID have a very small range of adjustment available, but was told that once it was set, they pretty much never changed it. The “Track” version will have a setup with limited options. A small ride height adjustment range, rear wing angle, sway bars, dampers and tire pressures will be about it… Gearing is fixed, spring rates are restricted what the car is built with. 8/16

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Super Late Model (scanned)

  • This car was scanned in June 2013, but there is not currently a timeline of where this car fits in the pipeline of upcoming cars.
  • Screenshots of the car to be scanned: Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3
  • Screenshot of the scanned vehicle: Screenshot 1

BMW 320si BTCC, BMW E92 M3 GT2, BMW Z4 GT3 (signed)

  • A little more light has been shed on the license iRacing has made with the BMW cars. Steve Myers posted that the GT3 car would run in the same class with the McLaren, the GT2 car would run in the same class as the Ford GT and the 320si or 1 Series car would run in the same class as the Honda. Steve also posted that it will take around two years to get all of the cars built. 12/23
  • Check real world photos of the Z4 GT3, the E92 GT2, and the 320si or 1 Series.

Honda SV-010 (signed)

  • iRacing expects to begin work on a prototype version of its Honda HSV-010 this fall.  The prototype will subsequently undergo a rigorous online test program in order to insure iRacers of an authentic experience driving and racing the car in the iRacing.com Super GT Series.
  • This car is powered by a 3.4 liter V8 engine, putting out about 500hp and 400nm of torque. Unlike other Super GT cars, the HSV 010 is not based on a road-going model but a pure purpose-built prototype race car.
  • View screenshot of the real world car: Screenshot 1

Honda Civic NGTC (signed)

  • Build to the Super 2000 touring car regulations, the NGTC Civic competes in the British Touring Car series, driven by Gordon Shedden & Matt Neal. The car fills a major void in iRacing’s car lineup as a European tin top racer has been missing from the simulation until now.
  • No word yet when this car will fit into the pipeline.

Nationwide Series Camaro & Mustang (signed)

  • We know iRacing has locked in a deal to build these cars, but have heard no official word as to when these cars may be worked on.
  • Cat Herder: XVI | VirtualR.net 8/19

Ruf CTR 3 (scanned)

  • Tony Gardner posted that iRacing has actually licensed a second RUF car and scanned it while over in Germany as well. “Who knows when and if we will ever build it however. Lots of cars in front of it. Someday hopefully!”
  • Check out this Youtube Video of the Ruf CTR 3 Clubsport.

Indycar 2012 (DW 12) (signed)

  • In February 2013 it was once again confirmed that iRacing has the license for the new DW-12, but have not decided when the car will be moved into production.