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Trading Paints
TradingPaints.com allows sim racers to quickly and easily upload and download custom paint schemes for iRacing.com. Files can be downloaded through the website, or using the  Trading Paints Desktop (quick, lightweight, easy-to-use program).

RaceSetups.com helps iRacing sim racers share setups within a club, team, or with the whole community.

Paint The Yellow
Paint the Yellow is a superspeedway racing community for iRacing.com. Well over 100 members registered to take part in superspeedway racing almost every night of the week.

ileaguerace.com set out to provide a service that changes the way leagues in the pc based simulation world work. Our mission or you could say goal is to get as many racers and leagues all in one searchable database.

Racing Rivals
Racing Rivals is a small application aimed at iRacing members who like to ponder all kinds of useful (and useless!) facts and information about their online racing endeavours.