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New Build Updates

NEXT BUILD: October 22-24, 2013 (expected) BUT bug fixes expected prior to the next build date.


  • RUF RT 12R (unconfirmed)
  • Auto Club Speedway??
  • Bathurst (expected, unconfirmed)

RUF RT 12R (unconfirmed)

  • iRacing released these screenshots of the RUF RT 12R on August 9th.
  • Greg Hill posted that progress has been made on the car. The graphics are pretty much done and iRacing is working hard to finalize the physics.
  • Tony Gardner says iRacing plans to release three versions of this car all for the normal price. For $11.95 you would get all three versions of the car, AWD, RWD, and a cup/racing version. The car in the screenshots are of the “cup” version.
  • Steve Myers wrote “Lets not call it a “cup” car, lets call it a “track” car. Its name in the sim will be Ruf RT 12R Track. Imagine you had a Ruf RT-12 R and you blew the motor and you decided to put a normally aspirated racing motor in it and put slicks on it to go racing with. And yes, we recorded and will have a different engine sample set for track version of the car.

Auto Club Speedway (unconfirmed)

  • iRacing has scanned Auto Club Speedway. It is the only remaining Sprint Cup Series track that is not currently in the sim. Kansas Speedway was released two seasons ago. It is expected Auto Club Speedway will come along by the end of the year.

Bathurst (unconfirmed)

  • iRacing is currently working on this track, no official word yet as to when it will be released. It is expected to release in the October build.
  • Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3
  • Check out footage from iRacingTV on June 27th of Bathurst. View video.

NTMv5 (expected)

  • Expect the NTMv5 to be updated on more cars. The silvercrown and sprint car’s may be updated from the OTM to the NTMv5 in October.

Driver Swaps (expected)

  • iRacing has been working over the past year to bring full Team Racing and Driver Swaps to the sim. Spotters were implemnted first, then Crew Cheifs, next Driver Swaps are expected to complete the Team Racing project. No official word if this will happen in the October build, but it seems as if it’s next in the pipeline with the teams project.


  • Dynamic Skies: Weather options were released in the previous build. Tony Gardner mentioned in February that iRacing was working towards dynamic skies and time of day change in the relatively near future. Have not heard anything about this since.
  • In-Sim UI: Update of in-sim UI, load screens, and start of race and after race experience. Not just updating the user interface, but enhancing it as well. iRacing says the goal would be to make the entire driving UI modular and movable so you can take advantage of your side monitors on a triple display system, and you can rearrange everything to better accommodate your particular setup. iRacing has not even started the design, so it is more of a pipe dream than anything.
  • Time Trials: “Race against yourself project” – iRacing plans to spice up Time Trialing. iRacing made the first step back a couple of builds ago when they made the option of seeing a ghost car of your fastest lap when running alone (testing or time trials). Expect more to this project in an upcoming build, no word yet when.