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2016 Season 2 Build: This release features a whopping FOUR new vehicles: Audi R8 LMS GT3, Formula Renault 2.0, Mercedes-AMG GT3, and Mazda MX-5 Cup. Try them all and find out which one is going to be your favorite! With this release we are also launching a few brand new systems to further enhance your sim racing experience. We have added a DirectX 11 mode for the Sim to streamline the rendering process and reduce the CPU bottleneck inherent in our complex scenes. The Dynamic Tire Debris Accumulation system will actually show you in real-time what’s sticking to your tires based on our physics calculations and the Dynamic Track. We have also expanded our horizons, literally, and are proud to introduce the Time of Day feature including both Morning and Late Afternoon as options on all tracks and race modes. We have enhanced our Netcode with an option for greater bandwidth, allowing more information to pass between you and our servers. A new easy-to-use video capture tool has also been rolled directly into the Sim with this release. Also, our vehicle audio, including engine sounds, tires, gear shifting, and much more has been made even more realistic with this release. All of these systems help to enhance our realism and raise the bar on what you can expect from the quality of your favorite racing simulator.


iRacerstuff.com UPDATE: We are still looking for HELP!! If you have any interest in submitting news, updates, paint schemes, leagues, teams, setups or anything to the website send us an email. stuff@iracerstuff.com


Car Content———

– Aston Martin Vantage GT3: (signed)
Sep-11:2014: Announcement of Aston Martin deal
Nov-13-2014: some Astons scanned, no information which one
Apr-09-2015: GT1 first, GT3 after that
– Aston Martin ??? (total of four Aston Martins were signed):
Sep-11:2014: Announcement of Aston Martin deal
Nov-13-2014: some Astons scanned, no information which one
Apr-09-2015: most recent mentioning of other Aston Martin car licenses but still no details
– Audi R8 LMS: (signed)
Sep-17-2015: License announcement of the Audi R8 LMS
Sep-20-2015: R8 will be released until March 2016
Nov-18-2015: Mercedes AMG GT and R8 LMS will be ready for March build
– BMW One Series NGTC: (signed but delayed)
Dec-20-2012: BMW deal announced
Dec-21-2012: exchanged 3 Series for 1 Series)
Nov-13-2014: partnering with BTCC, getting data is difficult
Jun-04-2015: no new BMWs planned in the short term
– BMW E92 M3 GT2/GTE: (signed but delayed)
Dec-20-2012: BMW deal announced
Dec-22-2012: E92 M3 GT2 announced
Jun-04-2015: no new BMWs planned in the short term
– Formula Renault 2.0: (signed)
Jul-16-2015: Renault deal for Formula 2.0 and 3.5 announced
Nov-18-2015: Car is in production and planned to be finnished in the first half of 2016
– Formula Renault 3.5: (signed)
Jul-16-2015: Renault deal for Formula 2.0 and 3.5 announced
– Honda Civic NGTC: (signed)
May-11-2012: Honda deal announced
Aug-16-2013: challenging to get data but possible
Sep-12-2013: finally getting scan data from a team
Nov-13-2014: partnering with BTCC, getting data is difficult
– Mazda MX5 Cup: (new version)
Jan-15-2015: iRacingTV-show about Mazda MX5 competition
Jun-04-2015: Will be built soon and will be a free update
Nov-10-2015: Getting more data and audio for the new MX5
Nov-18-2015: MX5 will be scanned this week
– Mercedes-AMG GT3: (in production)
May-29-2015: Car is allready in production
Jun-04-2015: planned for next year, production allready started
Nov-18-2015: Mercedes AMG GT and R8 LMS will be ready for March build
– Ruf CTR 3: (??)
Feb-14-2013: Tony Gardner: “Who knows when and if we will ever build it…”


OVAL Track Content ———

Actually being worked on:
– Pocono: (REscanned)
May-21-2014: Pocono has been rescanned
Jul-21-2014: some work done on Pocono
Jun-04-2015: “No news” on Pocono

– Montgomery Motor Speedway
Dec-19-2013: “… about 5 other tracks which are not even on the timeline right now…”
Aug-07-2014: track has been scanned
– Mosport oval:
Mar-04-2011: scanning picture
– Michigan: (REscanned)
May-21-2014: Michigan has been rescanned
– Rockingham Motor Speedway UK:
Mar-11-2015: Rockingham UK has been signed
Apr-28-2015: Rockingham UK has been scanned

– none known at the moment


ROAD Track Content ———

Actually being worked on:
– Imola:
Dec-19-2013: Imola announced
Apr-13-2014: scanning started
Jul-21-2014: next road track after Monza
Nov-13-2014: working on Monza, Imola and Nürburgring, Monza will be first
Feb-24-2015: Imola will be out AFTER Nürburgring
Nov-18-2015: Imola looks like the next project and might be released in March build
– Le Mans:
Nov-18-2011: …would like to get a license for LeMans
Jun-22-2013: …still trying to get a license
Jul-09-2015: Thread where Le Mans was announced by Mr Le Mans
Jul-09-2015: Video announcement of Le Mans. Track has been scanned just before the 24H 2015
Jul-09-2015: There will be a version with the long straight without the two chicanes
Nov-18-2015: Trying to get LeMans done until June 2016

– Miller Motorsports Park (possible tech track)
Nov-21-2011: on the list to do at some point
May-13-2013: possible tech track
– Moroso:
May-13-2013: possible tech track
– Rockingham Motor Speedway UK:
03-11-2015: Rockingham UK has been signed
04-28-2015: Rockingham UK has been scanned
– Silverstone
Jul-26-2012: REscanned
– Tsukuba:
Apr-03-2012: picture of scanned point cloud
– Willow Springs International Motorsports Park
May-13-2013: possible tech track

– Croft Circuit:
Jun-18-2012: track signed
– Mallory Park:
Jun-18-2012: track signed
– Snetterton:
Jun-18-2012: track signed
– Thruxton Circuit:
Jun-18-2012: track signed
– rescaning Lime Rock (on the list to do at some point)
May-20-2014: Planned but not sure whether the track will change again
Aug-05-2015: Lime Rock organisation is close to making a decision about further changes
Sep-15-2015: Still want to rebuilt Lime Rock but the real track keeps changing


Physics ———

– cars on NTMv6: (latest version)
– all except V8Supercars -> DW12 has V6 tires now
– cars with chassis torsion: Not absolutely sure if correct and complete! Help appreciated .
– all except Pontiac Solstice, Radical SR8, Riley DP, RUF, Spec Racer Ford, Skippy, VW Jetta, Williams F1 ?
– deactivation of anti-stall and parking brake: (for hosted sessions)
Apr-23-2014: “code is already in place we are just waiting on a…tter model for engine stalling


Graphics ———

– DX11: (DX11-version, flat spot, dirt and grass on tires, grime on visors to tear off)
Feb-11-2014: DX11 port is an active project…
Nov-13-2014: working on DX11 and Open GL
Oct-01-2015: DX11 is running in the alpha environment and MIGHT be released in March 2016
– graphical tire updates:
Mar-13-2015: picture of flat spots, dirt and grass on tires


Audio ———

– soundsystem: adding several new sounds (crowds, flyover, pitsounds) and updating enginesounds:
Aug-14-2012: The audio side of things will be moved to XAudio2 framework in the future
Mar-27-2012: very big and complex project
Jun-23-2014: soundengine explanation by David Tucker


Other Features ———

– character animations: updating the animations (crossing arms, shift animation, head movement according to physical situation)
Nov-13-2014: working on pit crews
Mar-06-2015: “13. Animated pit crews are on the list”
– damage model: there’s a new employee working on the damage model
Aug-13-2012: improved damage model announced
Nov-13-2014: working on physical and graphical damage model
Jun-04-2015: working on an all new damage model for all cars
– new user interface: including insim UI, start of race and after race experience
Feb-06-2013: user interface mockup picture
Feb-14-2013: update announced
Nov-13-2014: still working on new user interface
Mar-06-2015: some updates in 2015S2 build but not the new UI yet
Mar-18-2015: thread with some infos about new UI
Mar-21-2015: video about new user interface
Mar-21-2015: video thread with some infos by staff members
Nov-18-2015: Infos and pictures of new wegsite and user interface
– night racing:
no specific informations at the moment, day-night-transitions may come with/after DX11 update
– offline testing mode: (to be used during the maintenance break for example)
Apr-22-2014: working on offline testing mode
Apr-22-2014: some further informations by David Tucker
– Oculus Rift:
Nov-18-2015: Implementing support for the Oculus Rift 0.7 SDK