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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway is a race track located in Hamption, Virginia, USA. It is one of the most historic – and busiest – race tracks in America. Immediately adjscent to NASA’s Langley Research Center, the track has been the launching pad for many NASCAR careers.

Langley’s heritage dates to the 1940’s when the property was the site of an 8/10 mile dirt horse race track known as the Dude Ranch. The track owners occasionally promoted auto races at the track and, by the 1950’s, realized the auto races attracted bigger crowds than the horse races. They shortened the track to its current length and eventually sold the facility to Harry Kilch in 1963.

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Langley Speedway is a paved short track measuring 0.395 in length. It is one of the flattest tracks in the region with only six degrees of banking in the corners and four degrees on the straightaways.



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