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Kia Optima SX

Kia Optima GX Race Car will be joining in Spring 2013.

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Kia Optima SX Racecar Video: The Kia Optima is currently under development by iRacing currently slated for release in Spring 2013. Check out THIS PREVIEW VIDEO. 2/7

Kia Optima SX: The Kia Optima SX race car is very likely to be in the April build. Steve Myers wrote that he was not super enthusiastic when the Kia deal came together until he drove the car. The Kia deal came together much like the Cadillac deal last year where Cadillac came to iRacing to build the virtual version of the CTS-V. Part of the deal gave all iRacing members the Cadillac free as apart of the base package. No word yet if the Kia will work the same way. Cat Herder XVII 2/7

Kia Optima to iRacing: Tony Gardner posted in the forum for those attending the 2013 Auto Show to check out the Kia booth as iRacing had been contracted to do some work for Kia. Today, Kevin Bobbitt confirmed that iRacing has scanned and built a car for Kia, specifically for the trade show application. Kevin said the car will be released, but it is not ready yet and that they are a ways away. No expected date and will definitely not be in this build. Forum Post | Screenshot |Car Content News Page 1/9