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Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma RacewaySonoma Raceway (formerly Infineon Raceway) is a motorsport road course and drag strip located on the landform known as Sears Point in the southern Sonoma Mountains near Sonoma, California, USA. The course is a complex series of twists and turns that go up and down the hills.

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The Cup Configuration (pictured left) is a 1.99 mile (3.203 km) course with 10 turns. Infineon Raceway presents a unique challenge for drivers of big stock cars. The Cup configuration cuts off two slow turns and a half mile of pavement, there are still plenty of ups and downs and zigs and zags for stock cars.

The Full Configuration (pictured middle left) is a 2.52 mile (4.06 km) 12-turn course. This course was utilized by all competition through 1997. This course is noted for turns two and three, which are banked on the driver’s right. This provides a challenge for the driver, as turn two would normally have the drivers moving to the left side of the track.

The IRL Configuration (pictured middle right) is a 2.22 mile (3.57 km), 12-turn course. It is based on the full layout, and does not include the Chute. This layout, opened in 2003, skips much of the Esses and the run from Turn 10 to Turn 11 (the hairpin), using instead a new Turn 11 a as Turn 11 has no runoff.

The 2007 IRL Configuration (pictured right) is nearly the same layout as the current IRL Configuration, and is also a 2.22 mile (3.57 km), 12-turn course.



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