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Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock Park is a natural-terrain motorsport road racing venue located in Lime Rock, Connecticut, USA, a hamlet in the village of Lakeville, Connecticut, in the state’s northwest corner.

Lime Rock Park opened on April 20, 1957 and for years, the track was listed as being 1.53 miles in length—the story goes that right after it was built, somebody used the odometer in a Chevy to measure the track length—and 1.53 was taken as gospel. Following the 2008 reconstruction (see below), Lime Rock’s operations people measured all four possible configurations, and as it turns out, each was 1.5-miles long, plus or minus a few hundred feet.

Racers sometimes refer to its seven corners – six right-handers and one left – as a road racing short-track due to the high average speed and the fact that there is no opportunity to relax during a lap.

News, Updates and Rumors

Lime Rock Park: This track had a lot of construction done in the past two years. No word when/if the track will be re-scanned or when iRacing plans to do anything with this track.



Lime Rock Park has two configurations, only varied slightly by a chicane. The Full Road Course (pictured left) is 1.53 miles (2.462 km) in length with 7 turns. The Road Course with Chicane (pictured right) measures 1.54 miles (2.478 km) also with 7 turns.



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