Monday, February 17, 2020
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Long Beach Street Circuit

Long Beach Street Circuit is a street circuit in Long Beach, California. The current race circuit is a 1.968-mile (3.167 km) temporary road course carved out of the city streets surrounding the Long Beach Convention Center which actually doubled as the pit paddock during the days of Formula One. The circuit also goes primarily over the former location of The Pike historic amusement zone. It is particularly noted for its last section, which sees a hairpin turn followed by a long, slightly curved front straightaway which runs the length of Shoreline Drive. The circuit is situated on the Long Beach waterfront, and is lined with palm trees (especially along the front straightaway), making for a scenic track.

News, Updates and Rumors

Long Beach: It appears there are no plans to start working on this track within the next year. Tons and tons of track side objects seems to be holding this track up, as it will take it’s toll on frame rates. iRacing doesn’t seem to be working on this track at all right now.



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