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Oulton Park Circuit

Oulton Park Circuit is a motor racing track in the small village of Little Budworth, Cheshire, England. It occupies much of the area which was previously known as the Oulton Estate.

An integral part of the fabric of the British motorsports scene for more than half a centry, Oulton Park is one of the world’s most picturesque – and challenging – road circuits. Oulton Park is famous for its numerous and severe changes in elevation — and a corresponding number of blind turns, many of which are taken at high speed and thus require a high level of commitment.

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Oulton Park Circuit features a whopping eight different course configurations. International Course (pictured 1st – left) is 2.692 miles (4.332 km) with 17 turns, the International Hislop Course (pictured 2nd) measures the same but with 14 turns with the International Brittens Course (pictured 3rd) with 15 turns also measures the same. The International No Chicane Course (pictured 8th – right) also measures the same with 12 turns.

The Island Course (pictured 4th) is 2.260 miles (3.637km) in length with 12 turns with the Island Historic Course (pictured 5th) measures the same distance with only 10 turns. Fosters Course (pictured 6th) measures 1.660 miles (2.672 km) with 10 turns, with the Fosters with Hislop Course (pictured 7th) at the same distance with 12 turns.



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