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Phillip Island – Phillip Island Circuit

Australia’s premier permanent road course, Phillip Island is a 2.7-mile (4.4 km) thrill ride of a race track situated on an island just off the southern coast near Melborne. The 12-turn circuit features a long main straightaway, hair-raisingly fast turns, tight hairpins and dramatic elevation changes, including a precipitous drop from the Lukey Heights to the tight Turn Ten. Set against the deep blue backdrop of the Bass Strait separating the Australian mainland from Tasmania, Phillip Island is among the world’s spectacular motorsports venues.

Motor racing on Phillip Island began in 1928 with the running of the 100 Miles Road Race, an event which has since become known as the first Australian Grand Prix.

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Phillip Island Circuit is the only layout (pictured above). Featuring a 2.762 mile (4.445 km) course, with 12-turns.



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