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Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone Circuit is an English motor racing circuit next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury. The circuit straddles the Northamptionshire and Bickinghamshire border, with the current main circuit entry on the Buckinghamshire side.

As a former air base, the facility has little in the way of elevation changes, for much of its history Silverstone was known for its ultra-fast sweeping corners and fast average speeds. Though the requirements of modern Formula One forced the addition of chicanes and other devices to slow speeds down from the insane to the merely ridiculous. The Historic Grand Prix course remains open, flat-out corners that originally made the track famous.

News, Updates and Rumors

Silverstone Circuit: Rescan?: iRacing confirmed that Silverstone was rescanned during the trip to scan Donington Park.



Silverstone Circuit offers five different circuit configurations. The Grand Prix Circuit (pictured left) at 3.194 miles (5.14 km) with 17 turns, the Historic Grand Prix Circuit (pictured middle left) at 3.142 miles (50.57 km) with 16 turns, the 10 turn, 2.249 mile (3.619 km) International Circuit (pictured middle), the National Circuit (pictured middle right) measuring 1.639 miles (2.638 km) in length with 6 turns, and the 1.969 mile (3.169 km) Southern Circuit with 10 turns.



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