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Pocono Raceway

Pocono Raceway also known as the Tricky Triangle, is a superspeedway located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at Long Pond. The three-cornered Pocono Raceway is utterly unique.  Pocono Raceway first opened for business in 1969 featuring a three quarter mile oval.

The 2.5-mile oval feature three very different turns by straightaways of varying length. Pocono’s main straightaway is the longest on any North American speedway at 3,740 feet. The resulting speedway poses special demands on drivers and engineers alike, for a chassis that works well all around the track.

News, Updates and Rumors

Pocono Raceway Repaved: Pocono Raceway was repaved prior to the NASCAR events held in 2012. We can expect iRacing to rescan this track at some point, but no plans have been confirmed as of yet. 12/27




Pocono Raceway Oval (pictured left) has a unique design. Each turn is modeled after turns at 3 different tracks. Turn One (14 degree banking) was modeled after the now defunct Trenton Speedway, Turn Two (also known as “The Tunnel Turn”) is like Indianapolis Motor Speedway (9 degree banking), and Turn 3 (6 degree banking) is similar to The Milwaukee Mile. It could be said to be a tri-oval, but the turns are much more severe than those of a more typical tri-oval such as Daytona and the track is really nearly a triangle. They have been likened somewhat to the hairpin-style turns of road courses. An additional complication is that the three turns are not identical, nor are any of the three straights identical in length. The banking of each turn is considerably less than on many other long ovals. Although the track is long (2.5 miles), the sharp nature of the turns and low banking tends to make the overall speeds much lower than at other tracks of similar lengths, thus restrictor plates are not needed here. For its unique characteristics, Pocono is sometimes referred to as a roval. Others refer to Pocono as a modified road course due to the use of shifting gears to handle the range between the slowest curve and the fastest straightaway.

The International Course (pictured middle left) is 2.5 miles (4.02 km) in length with 10 turns, utilizing NASCAR turns 1 and 2 and the infield between them. The South Course (pictured middle) is 1.0 mile (1.61 km) with 10 turns, and only uses the turn 1 portion of the NASCAR oval. The East Course (pictured middle right) is a 1.4 mile (2.25 km) course with 13 turns, utilizing only the NASCAR Oval’s back stretch and none of the Oval turns. The North Course (pictured right) is a 1.5 mile (2.41 km) 10 turn course, using NASCAR Oval turn 3 and the infield.



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