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Schedules & Events Daytona World Tour Events: will host two World Tour events next week. The Daytona 300 is a 120 lap Impala B race at Daytona on Thursday night. The Daytona 250 is a 100 lap Truck race at Daytona-Night on Wednesday night. Both races lead up to the Daytona 500 on Friday and Saturday. 2/12
Links: Daytona 300 | Daytona 250

2013 Daytona 500: iRacing will host the 2013 Daytona 500 on Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd. This year’s race is set for 200 laps using the Chevrolet Impala (Class A) at Daytona International Speedway. Changes to qualifying procedures this year as there will be only one qualifying session, it will begin 15-minutes prior to race start. Qualifying will be a standard best of two green flag laps. 2013 Daytona 500 2/11

ADDED: Printable one-page version of the 2013 Season 1 Schedules. Both versions were put together very fast, please use the feedback section at the bottom of this page if you find any errors. Printable Schedules 1/21 Daytona 2.4 UPDATE Single Car Qualifying: will host the 2.4 at Daytona later this week. This year the race will include the new McLaren MP4-12C GT3 in addition to the Riley Daytona Prototype.
UPDATE: Kevin Bobbitt posted that iRacing has changed qualifying to single car sessions in light of the bump draft pushing that happened in the Roar Before the 2.4 qualifying last week. 2013 2.4 Page 1/21

Week 13: Official series include the SRF Challenge and the Street Stock Challenge.
• SRF Challenge – Road – Okayama, Charlotte, Laguna Seca, Summit Point, and Lime Rock
• Street Stock Challenge – Oval – Thompson, South Boston, Lanier, Charlotte, Oxford Plains, and USA
Unofficial series include the Carburetor Cup and several 24 Hours of Fun.
• Carburetor Cup – Oval – Impala A – Talladega
• 24HoF – Oval – Impala B & Silverado MC – Rockingham, Charlotte and Daytona
• 24HoF – Road – Cadillac, Ford Falcon, Ford GT, Corvette, and Mclaren – Spa and Suzuka
• 24HoF – Road – FW31 – Interlagos (once released)
• iRacing Gymkhana Challenge – Legends, MX-5 Cup, SRF – Oran Park (North B) Pressroom | Full Article

2013 Season 1 Schedule: Steve Myers released the 2013 Season 1 Schedule. The schedule has been built from scratch with a fresh look at race participation and track configurations that are the most popular in the service by car. With the help of a tool created by iRacing member Joachim Boeddeker, every piece of historical data regarding race and hosted sessions was analyzed to help come up with the track selections. The time schedule has changed for almost every series as well. The most popular series have races running every hour of every day and the weaker series in regards to participation have moved to every four hours daily. The bulk of the series will remain with the “every two hour” schedule every day. The good news is that every series has daily races allowing members to find a race in their favorite series during peak racing times.  1/14
UPDATE: There have been several complaints coming from the 2013 Season 1 Schedule, with the majority coming from race lengths on the oval side. Tony Gardner posted that they decided to keep the distances of the races to keep races from over-lapping. Tony wrote that “if we want to make the races longer we can. We can wait a week, wait 2 weeks or wait the season and see how it goes but rest assured we want to keep folks smiling as best we can. I suggest we wait a couple weeks and see how it goes.” Tony’s full post 1/15
UPDATE #2: Tony Gardner confirmed that the length of Class C (Silverado) and Class B (Impala B) NASCAR Series races will be increased in both the open and fixed setup series. Tony later talked about some other series, such as the IndyCar and multiclass prototype and GT series, but did not confirm any changes to the current plans for next season. Tony’s post 1/15
AND Steve Myers posted an updated schedule around 4:30 PM ET Monday 
with changes to the NASCAR Class B and C series, both open and fixed. Most races had 10-15 laps added to them. Also, Texas and Chicagoland were taken off the SK Modified schedule and replaced with Texas Legends oval and Milwaukee. Updated 2013 season 1 Schedule 1/15
UPDATE 3: More adjustments to the schedule bring rolling starts back to the GT Challenge Series and for the Mustang Series in 2013 Season 1. Twitter 1/17

G6 NASCAR Cars: iRacing is busy working with the new Sprint Cup Series car that is coming to NASCAR in 2013. The car is so new, iRacing is building them in lock-step as the data becomes available to real-world teams for testing. The current goal is to have the car available starting March 5th, which is 4 weeks into iRacing Season 1. iRacing has opted to start the season late for series that use the Impala A, having an 8 week season with 2 drop weeks. iRacing will also delay the start of the NASCAR iRacing Drivers World Championship Series a couple weeks so that it can begin with the new car. The new NASCAR event series featuring the cup car that mirrors the real-world cup series for the entire season will delay as well. The Daytona 500 World Tour Event will still run with the old car. With the introduction of Ford to iRacing’s NASCAR stable, the series will be setup as a single class, multi-car series. The new cars are the Ford Fusion and Chevy SS. The Chevy SS will release first, hopefully during the last week of February, with the Ford Fusion to follow shortly thereafter, estimated two weeks after the Chevy. The current plan is to sell both cars at normal prices of $11.95. iRacing does plan to send out $6 credits to anyone who owns the old cup car and $11.95 to anyone who purchased it in the last 90 days to apply toward the purchase of the new Chevy SS or Ford Fusion. If you want to own both cars, members will purchase the other at the normal $11.95. While you do not need to own both cars to race in official iRacing series, both cars would be required in hosted sessions. Forum Post | Car Content News Page 1/9

2013 Season 1 Schedules: Tony Gardner posted in the iRacing forum that next season, every series will run every day (7 days per week). A given series will go off either every hour, every 2 hours or every 4 hours depending on popularity. The schedule will be the same every day. Every car at this point is included and running 7 days per week, and several of them are in multiple series because of either mixed class or open and fixed setup series. Some other scheduling notes:
• iRacing is working on a World Tour NASCAR iRacing 2013 Series. It will follow the Sprint Cup every week as an event series. 36 races, with 6 drop weeks open to all members. Look for an official announcement next week.
• Current plans have Tour Modified every 4 hours, SK Modified every 2 hours.
• McLaren will likely be teamed with the DP instead of the Mustang just for Season 1. Mustang will still have a stand-alone series and will likely rejoin the DP in Season 2 in addition to the Cadillac. The Cadillac cannot be added to any other series until their current contract ends in 3 months. 1/4

World Tour 2013: Details have been posted for the iRacing’s 2013 World Tour. All World Tour races will have two time slots — Friday at 9pm EST and Saturday at 2pm EST. A quick look:
• Roar Before the 2.4 – Jan 18/19 – Mustang, Jetta, MX5 Cup – Daytona Road (Day)
• Daytona 2.4 – Jan 25/26 – McLaren, DP – Daytona Road (Night)
• Daytona 500 – Feb 22/23 – Impala A – Daytona Oval
• Indy 500 – May 24/25 – IndyCar – Indianapolis
• Pocono 400 – July 12/13 – IndyCar – Pocono
• Talladega Showdown – October 18/19 – Impala A – Talladega
• Brazilian GP – November 22/23 – FW-31 – Brazil/Interlagos
Qualifying for the Roar Before the 2.4, Indy 500 and Brazilian GP will be open all week prior to the race. Qualifying for the Daytona 500, Pocono 400 and Talladega Showdown will be only one session that will begin 15 minutes prior to the race start for two green flag laps. Kevin Bobbitt posted that they did eliminate some events this year, based on participation in the past. Kevin also mentioned the possibility of adding one or two events later in the year, just as they have in the past couple of years. 1/4

NASCAR Series: iRacing is looking to add a new NASCAR Series that will start next year and follow along with the Sprint Cup Series track each week. It would be an official series and probably open to all. The final two Sprint Cup tracks (Kansas and California) have been scanned and iRacing is working toward having at least one G6 (Generation 6) car available next season – With both Ford and Chevy available to members. No word yet if one or both with be the G6 cars or how this will work as far as purchasing another car or how it will be implemented. 12/22


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