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2008 Build Notes

Web Release Notes: 08.26.2008

A new Home page “Talking Points” box has been added. This area provides a quick and easy way to join the ‘General Discussion’ chat room and the three most active chat rooms on the service. To join a chat room simply click on its name under the Chat Room column and you will automatically be connected. Bear in mind that while Talking Points is an easy way to join the most popular chat rooms, other chat rooms may be active as well so make sure to visit the Chat page if you can’t find the chat room you are looking for.

Updated STATS > Drivers to change the column label “Champ Pts” to “Total Pts”.

Updated STATS > Series to indicate default sort on best Qual Time for Qualifying Results and Season TT Results.

Referral program added.

Lapchart updated to report incidents that occur on the 0th lap along with the 1st lap (0th laps are not displayed, but incidents flags now get displayed with the 1st lap).

Lapchart updated such that clicking on cells in the “Start” and “Finish” areas will also highlight driver data.

Customize car/suit/driver updated so that on load of the page and when switching between color options A, B, and C, the corresponding color cube is outlined in the color grid.

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