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New Tracks and Vehicles Added to iRacing’s AI

iRacing, the popular online racing simulation platform, has announced a major update to its artificial intelligence (AI) feature for the 2022 Season 3 build. The update includes a number of new tracks and vehicles that will be available for users to race against AI opponents, expanding the range of options and challenges available on the platform.

One of the major highlights of the update is the addition of several new oval tracks. These include the Phoenix Raceway, Homestead-Miami Speedway, and Darlington Raceway, which are all popular venues for real-world racing events. These tracks will provide a new and exciting challenge for iRacing users, as oval racing requires a different set of skills and strategies compared to traditional road courses.

In addition to the new tracks, the AI update also brings a number of new vehicles to the platform. These include the NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen car, the Stock Car Brasil Chevrolet Cruze and Toyota Corolla, and the ARCA Menards Series Chevrolet Impala. These vehicles will provide even more variety and authenticity to the AI racing experience on iRacing.

Overall, the AI update for iRacing’s 2022 Season 3 build looks to be a major step forward for the platform, with new content and features that will enhance the racing experience for all users. Whether you’re a seasoned iRacer or a newcomer to the virtual racing world, this update is sure to provide plenty of excitement and challenge.

Full List of AI Additions:

  • Phoenix Raceway
  • Homestead-Miami Speedway
  • Darlington Raceway
  • NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen car
  • Stock Car Brasil Chevrolet Cruze
  • Stock Car Brasil Toyota Corolla
  • ARCA Menards Series Chevrolet Impala

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