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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 02-10-2011

Website: Region Stats Page – Added CSV exports to existing forms. – Adding region sorting in the region pulldown. – Removed club multipliers. – Added a link to a new driver club points popup. This will display the club points for each driver for the year and season selected in the form. This new feature also has a CSV export capability. Series Stats Pages – Fixed club filter on series stats pages. It was previously only working on season standings tab. – Fix to select current raceweek automatically when going to qualifier or tt series standings rather than always selecting the last week in the schedule. Series Race Results Page – Fixed a sorting bug. – Added field size, strength of field and official flags. – Fixed bug where this page wasn’t loading at all for some versions of IE. – Fixed bug where incorrect track image was being displayed in many cases. Series Sessions Page – Fixed bug where incorrect track image was being displayed in many cases. Race Planner – Fixed a bug where races would disappear from the “My Planned Races” section of the widget when the race became ready to join, which happens approximate 30 minutes prior to race start time.
Schedule PDF – Fix to display proper license for each series. – Added week start date and allowed license ranges. Driving School – Fixed IE issues where we weren’t receiving events from the youtube player. As a result some people weren’t seeing their green checkmarks or receiving their driving school awards. – Fixed bug where the sim would not launch from the driving school. Facebook Integration – We have been trying to figure out why data published to facebook has been going to your wall but not propagating to news feeds as intended. With this release we are changing our facebook app id as a workaround to the issue. As a result you will likely need to re-authorize the member’s site application in order to use the facebook integration. If you don’t see the authorization popup and the publish doesn’t work please try logging out of facebook, then reload the member’s site and try again. – Removed club points from facebook results for rookie events. – Implemented a workaround intended to enable facebook publishing to your news feed in addition to your wall.
Simulation: Misc – Added support for softTH version 2.04. – Updated the New England club logo. Physics
– Fixed the mysterious faster/slower by 1/20th alternating lap time bug that has existed in our products since GPL. – Tech Inspection should be more consistant in it’s results now. – Improved last week’s fix to stop cars rotating while stationary so that the steering wheel will stay in place while sitting still. Sprint Car – Latest iRacing setups are now included.

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