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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 05-02-2011

Website: Car Numbers – Only 2 digits will be accepted for a car number. – Fixed a problem where some browsers would report an error when entering valid car number values.
– Fixed a bug that would cause everyone that did not have a preferred car number, or whose preferred number was given to another driver, to all have the same car number in the results presented on the web site. Awards – Fixed the post to facebook functionality. Dashboard – Fixed the display issue some browsers were having with the dashboard. What’s Hot – Fixed the issue in some browser versions where after deselecting a license filter it could not be re-applied. Hosted – Fixed a bug that could cause the system to reserve too much time for the race portion of a hosted session if no track record could be found for the selected car/track combination. Due to the excessive time reserved for the race session, the length of the practice session could have been shortened, possibly to the point of being (effectively) eliminated. – Fixed a bug that would cause the server for a hosted session that included both a qualify session and a race session to terminate before running the race if there was nobody connected to the server at the end of the qualify session. Bandwidth – A new option has been added to the Connection Type selection in Preferences section on the My Account page: “DSL, Cable, Fiber, 256K or faster – Supported (requires fast computer)” Choosing this selection in conjunction with increasing the “Max Cars” setting on the Options/Graphics page in the simulation will allow more opponent cars to be transmitted to your computer during on-line sessions. This makes it more likely that all cars in a large-field on-line session will be sent to your computer. Choosing this selection will increase the load on your computer and graphics card, so only use it if your computer performs well in close racing situations with the current setting. If you do choose to use this enhanced setting, it would be best to test it in a full practice session to see how well your computer handles the extra load.
Simulation: Misc – Fix the issue where our force feedback driver requests were causing ancient FF devices to be overwhelmed, crippling framerate. Graphics – Improve shadow geometry caching to fix rare cases where a cars may not cast shadows properly. Pit Crew – Make sure to not allow a car that has too much damage to leave the pits during a race if they have dropped into pit lane but before the pit crew have a chance to activate and lock the car down. Telemetry SDK – Hook up driver inputs and local car data when in replay. – Maintain camera state when in slow motion. – Removed CarIdxThrottlePct, CarIdxBrakePct, CarIdxClutchPct. – Make sure to open the memory map file in local namespace not global. – Output driversHeadPosition in YAML file, instead of to memory. Cars – Thrustmaster sponsorship added to paintkit. – We may have fixed the erratic pit speed limiter behavior. Ford Mustang FR500S – Thrustmaster sponsorship added. Mazda MX-5 – Taillights brightened. Chevrolet Impala
– Updated all iRacing setups. 2009 Chevrolet Impala Class B – Fixed a trunk lid logo alignment issue. Chevrolet Silverado – Fixed truck replay issue where old replays won’t load. But it does mean that replays created since the new release will now not load. Silver Crown – Updated many iRacing setups. Skip Barber Formula 2000 – Fixed some issues with how visible damage appears on the new graphical model. Street Stock – Updated all iRacing setups.

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