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2011 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 08-01-2011

Website Tournament Grid Builder
-Added please wait popups for tasks that can take a long time
-Fixed bug with removing servers where the error dialog was displayed repeatedly
-Fixed bug with adding servers where you couldn’t add 10
-Fixed drag and drop issue with Chrome
-Fixed multicolumn issue with IE
-There is still a significant performance issue with IE. For now we recommend you use either Firefox or
Chrome when setting up a tournament grid.

Flash Tickers
– Fixed a bug where the enable/disable button on the left edge of the news and stats tickers wasn’t sticking through a page reload

Setting Panel
– Fixed a bug where the tickers panel wasn’t saving changes properly

Online Chat
– Added a minimize button to the chat box. You’ll see it just to the left of the ‘X’ when you have an expanded chat box.

Race Panel MPR
– Fixed bug where MPR indicator was showing for all series. It should only be displayed for official series.

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