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New Build: What to Expect

The new build for iRacing is just around the corner. Unofficially, the new build is slated for next week during week 13. Sources say iRacing plans to release the build as early as Tuesday of next week, or on Wednesday. There aren’t a lot of confirmed details so far, but this is what we do know.

The newest version of Daytona International Speedway will not be included in the build, but will be released shortly after. It sounds like February 2nd is going to be the release day, but it could be as late as February 18th before we see the new track. Daytona International Speedway completed a complete repave project just over a year ago before the 2011 Daytona 500. Following the July race at Daytona, iRacing took to the track for a re-scan. The track has been in production, with both a day and night version coming once the track is officially released. Those who currently own the track will not have to pay anything for the new track, but those who do not will need to pay up the $14.95 for the track. Those who do purchase the new track, will be able to purchase the old version for just $5.

We know changes are coming to the tire model, but we have no clue yet what those changes are going to be, or if/how they will affect the current cars. We know the Riley DP and Star Mazda will be receiving the new tire model.

A lot of details have came out about the new myTeams feature. It will be rolling out in stages, probably between this update and the next, with this build launching the new live spotter abilities. iRacing’s goal is to have team creation, team racing and endurance racing with or without a team. Eventually you will be able to “create a team” and run 24-hour races with driver swaps.

More animations are on this way in this build, with shift animations and head movement. No idea if pit crews will join pit road and actually service the car during a pit stop. Although pit crew sounds should arrive in this build. Other sounds such as flyovers are supposed to be introduced in this build as well.

Possibly some updates are coming to the areo model with side force and side drafting in the works to be released at some point. This update will include at new grid options for mixed class racing, allowing up to four cars entering a race.

iRacing has been relatively quiet leading up to this build. We expect (at least hope) for a few surprises, but not expecting weather or dynamic track conditions just yet!

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