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Derek Speare Designs

Derek Speare DesignsDerek Speare Designs (DSD) offers high performance virtual racing products, such as button boxes, shifters, pedals (in development), mini plates, and other adapters and components.

Derek Speare has been in the sport of virtual racing for over twenty years. His experience is what drives his designs, attention to detail, and quality. Derek’s ideas and products offer functionality, economy, immersion and fun.

Links: Derek Speare Designs Website

News & Updates

Win a DSD Track Boss in 2013 Season 1: Derek Speare Designs (DSD) is giving away a Track Boss button box every week in 2013 Season 1. In the iRacing Paint Shop, select the DSD Logo for your racecar in the list of secondary sponsors. When you run an official race, your name will be added to the random drawing. This official promotion is open to all iRacing members, for any car and any official race. Winners will be announced on Tuesday’s of each week throughout the season. View Track Boss Screenshot 1/29

Button Boxes

DSD offers several button boxes to choose from. All boxes are USB ready to plug and play.
Track Boss: 19 push buttons, 5 two-way toggles, 2 covered safties
Black Max II: 19 push buttons, 5 two-way rotary encoders, 2 covered satfies
Velocity R5: 9 push buttons, 3 two-way toggles, 4 two-way rotary encoders
Velocity R3: 13 push buttons, 3 two-way rotary encoders
Velocity: 14 push buttons, 3 two-way toggles
Black Max: 19 push buttons, 5 two-way toggles, 2 covered safties
Oval Champ: 15 push buttons


DSD has two different sequential shifters that offer a heavy throw with a solid, “notch” action. The DSD Pro Sequential measures about 8-inches in total height with an aluminum alloy case. The shaft is steel and is threaded to accept 1/2″x13 threads, allowing you to replace the knob with an aftermarket knob of your own. The latest design from DSD is the Bent Rod GT. All specs are the same as the Pro Sequential, but with a 20-degree bend in the shaft used for a more “GT Style” feel and appearance.
Goto DSD Shifters Page

Mini Plates

DSD has mini plates available for G27 wheels. Those who have an aftermarket racing wheel on the G27 have lost those six buttons from the stock wheel. A DSD Mini Plate gives them back. They are a direct fit, plug and race solution for restoring those lost buttons but plugging into the circuit board inside the G27 hub. Mini Plates are shipped complete and need no wiring, buttons, or anything other than a simple installation.
Goto DSD Mini Plates Page


DSD Hydarulic Pedals are in development. No information yet on price or release dates.
See Preview Screenshot
Goto DSD Pedals Page

Components & Circuits

DSD offers a varity of wheel adapters, wheel paddles, SLI Tabs, wheel plates, gate plates and other sim racing goodies. DSD has also developed circuit boards which are available for purchase. The circuit boards are 12-bit boards which feature 36 total button inputs and 6 12-bit analog channels offering 4096 steps of resolution per channel. This is the only 12-bit board made in the US. All boards require NO soldering.
DSD Components Page
DSD Circuits Page

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