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Extreme Competition Controls Inc. (ECCI)

Extreme Competition Controls Inc. (ECCI) is a leading manufacturer of professional quality computer racing simulation controls. High performance and durability have always been primary design goals at ECCI. ECCI recognizes the steering wheel as the critical link between the driver and control of the car.

ECCI’s legacy include providing controls to top league racing champions over many years. More recently ECCI was called on to equip numerous top notch commercial installations around the world including the Coca-Cola Wall of Speed and the Bud Racing Eight to Go program.

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Trackstar 6000 Steering Wheel

The Trackstar 6000 features a two-tone leather steering wheel 13-1/2 inches in diameter. The wheel features black perforated leather in the grip area with a white colored vinyl accent material at the top and bottom. The wheel sports an ergonomic shape with swells at the ten and two O’clock hand positions. This standard wheel provides highly balanced performance suitable for both oval track and tight lock-to-lock road course racing.

FLDS (Fluid Damped Steering) provides velocity sensitive steering resistance that emulates the effect of tires on pavement. Unlike many lesser driving controls, springs are not providing the primary resistance force. The result is incomparable stability, yet offering the driver the ability to make quick subtle corrections in steering line.

The new Monopoint II resistance system offers unsurpassed control over steering resistance characteristics. The cam and ball bearing drive provides a non-linear profile to wheel tension with a light smooth feel through center and progressive resistance towards the limits. Tuning parameters include: steering lock to lock; overall spring tension; fine adjustment of centering preload; and relative balance between spring and damping effect.

Engineered to provide quick, positive shifting function, ECCI’s behind-the-wheel paddles are contoured to match the steering wheel and built to last.  With unmatched durability, and the unprecedented precision of zero mechanical slop, ECCI’s paddles are so advanced that many sets have been sold to “real world” racers looking to adopt a semi-automatic gear shift system.

For the first time ECCI offers integrated USB control interface. Joystick port versions are still available if desired. Newly developed for the TRACKSTAR 6000, ECCI’s new, high performance “racing” potentiometers offer even better control precision than previous versions. They are developed in collaboration with a major manufacturer of precision electronic components for the specific purpose of achieving ultra accurate, ultra smooth control.  Our new high performance potentiometers provide the smoothest available control precision, yet retain a lengthy service life.

The TRACKSTAR 6000 was designed to be more compact than previous ECCI systems. The unit consumes 25% less desktop space than the CDS4000. The front portion of the chassis is cantilevered nearly 4 inches forward of the desktop edge. To stay put during strenuous racing, the 6000 utilizes a new clamping mechanism that secures the steering unit to the desktop.  Ultra rigid, yet shock absorbing to avoid damage to the desktop, even during the most aggressive of racing sessions.

Trackstar 6000 Pedals

The Trackstar 600 pedal unit is a breakthrough design that features true automotive ergonomics with a top-pivoting hang down pedal mounting. This is mated with a heel rest offering a stable platform for pedal operation. Unique to the 6000, all critical pedal geometric relationships are fully adjustable to uniquely suit each user. These include: pedal angle from vertical; heel rest angle and distance from pedals; pedal height from heel rest; pedal to pedal lateral spacing; and individual pedal resistance rate. The TRACKSTAR 6000 also marks the debut of the new PMB-II, ECCI’s latest version of its proprietary pressure mapped brake pedal system.

The TRACKSTAR 6000 is designed around a simple geometric principle, a triangular section with adjustment of both angle and extension. A triangle forms a very rigid structural shape, regardless of the length or angle of its individual segments. The flexibility of this triangular concept offers unparalleled flexibility in setting pedal angle, position, distance, and spacing. From desktop to low slung cockpit installation, no other pedal unit is as adaptable as the TRACKSTAR 6000.

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ECCI’s CDS4000 model provided an integral heel rest at the bottom edge of large blade-type pedals. This accommodated a wide variety of foot sizes. With the new 6000, the heel rest is separate from the pedals. To provide flexible accommodations, the rest is adjustable in angle and distance to the pedals. The pedal frame also allows adjustment of the height of the pedals relative to the heel rest. This makes long distance racing comfort just a few turns of the wrench away.

During the development process, ECCI Labs determined that only a custom designed pedal pad would meet all of the design goals of the TRACKSTAR 6000. Ordinary pedal pads provide no lateral adjustment of pedal spacing. ECCI’s unique design allows substantial adjustment of spacing via slotted mounting holes. ECCI’s pedals are also about 30% larger than other pedals of similar design, offering the home user a more comfortable pedal for long distance racing.

Another ECCI exclusive innovation.  As an integrated solution for our 6000 pedals, the PMB-II is an entirely new design from our previous PMB modules. The PMB-II offers not only the very highly progressive feel of the brake in a “real world” auto, it also provides highly progressive braking response that exactly matches the feel.  Two key adjustments are available: maximum braking force level and initial preload. The PMB-II is standard on the 6000 GTS, and is an available option for other 6000 series systems.

The TRACKSTAR 6000 has an independent spring pack for each pedal that offers two critical adjustments. Widely adjustable maximum braking force, and initial preload. This allows the user to set the force required to actuate gas, brake, and clutch to appropriately differing levels. The preload adjustment sets the amount of force needed to initiate pedal movement. A high initial preload may prove useful for a driver that prefers to rest their foot lightly on the brake while it is not being used.

ECCI offers USB support via the integrated control board in the wheel unit. The pedals simply plug into the wheel. In order to prevent damage to sensitive electronics from physical shock loads, the pedals do not contain a stand-alone USB interface. Using the native HID driver in the Windows operating system, the 6000 is truly plug-and-play. Joystick port versions are also available if desired. The 6000 pedals sport ECCI’s exclusive new high performance potentiometers, providing highly accurate, ultra smooth control precision, and lengthy service life.

The new TRACKSTAR 6000 is modular in design providing flexibility of a two or three pedal configuration. Designed from the start to operate as an integral ergonomic part of the 6000 pedal unit, the 6000 clutch is extremely fast driving. Standard on the 6000GTS, the clutch is also available as an option for any 6000 series unit. The clutch bolts on using the structural components of the two pedal unit, making for a strong integrated assembly.

When using the massively high pedal pressure settings available with TRACKSTAR 6000, it is strongly recommended to restrain the unit from moving. Floor or wood substrate attachment of the base brackets is a simple solution using the provided anchor holes.  If portability is needed, the adjustable, highly rigid “instant cockpit” system quickly connects the forward edge of the pedal unit to a bracket that rests underneath the seat of the driver. This accessory provides solid anchoring without attaching to the floor.  Also highly recommended for LAN racing events.

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