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RSEATRSEAT produces quality sim racing products at a reasonable price. With the latest production technologies, experience and trained specialist staff, RSEAT provides a flawless product quality and functionality.

RSEAT uses the best raw materials from well-known manufacturers across Europe. Each related material and product passes strict quality control before delivered to you.

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RS Formula

The RS Formula has a unique design (made using fiberglass and carbon steel) make this rig the easiest way to feel like a formula driver. The lying position of the seat makes this rig suitable for long races and gives the user stability and control over the wheel and pedals. The rig is as solid as a rock and fully adjustable. The pedal plate design can support over 220-pounds of braking pressure. The wheel mount is reinforced so there are no movements at hard steering.


The RS EVO V3 is a unique and style no center post design. The rig is solid and fully adjustable. Pedal plate now use 5 fixed angle options and this way it’s hard mounted and prevent any movement on hard braking. The wheel mount is reinforced ato prevent movements at hard steering. The rig is build using fiberglass and carbon steel finished in quality matte paint.

Extra foam has been added on the seat to be comfortable no matter how long you use the rig daily. The all adjustable frame makes the rig suitable to accomplish your perfect driving position.


The Unique solution to hard mount and adjust your wheel on the table or desk. RS SMARTY allow you to rise and tilt your wheel to achieve the perfect position for you. RS SMARTY gives extra stability for wheels with bad table clamping system. The product will increase your wheel stability and make you more confident while racing.

Adjust the wheel height up to 150mm and tilt up to 30° hard mount the wheel using the screws and tools provided with the package. The clamping system is designed for tables/desks from 10mm up to 90mm thickness.

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