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2012 Build Notes

Build Release Notes: 06-20-2012

– A bug was recently introduced that prevented the simulation from obtaining the proper car setup to be used during a Test session for a fixed setup series. Clicking on the [Test Car on Track] button on the [RACE NOW] panel would launch the simulation, and the “Connecting” dialog box would appear. The progress bar would stay black for about 10 seconds, then the green progress bar would cycle from empty to full a few times, then a “Could not connect to server [OK]” dialog box would appear. Clicking on the [OK] button would cause the simulation to exit. This bug has been fixed, so the simulation can now obtain the proper car setup.

– Some people may have seen similar behavior when attempting to launch the simulation for a Test session from the [TEST] panel. We have not identified any specific bug that would cause this behavior. It could be that the simulation simply isn’t waiting long enough for certain operations to complete. The amount of time the simulation will wait before giving up on these operations has been increased. Additionally, the “connecting” progress bar is now color coded: yellow for the first set of operations and green for the second set.

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