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2012 Season 3 Build: What to Expect

We’re nearing that time again, just a few weeks left until Week 13. That means iRacing will release the next “major” build, probably sometime next week. Here’s a look at some of the things I think we will and will not see in the next build.

It seems iRacing is slowly working toward more animation in the sim. We’ve gotten birds and moving track side objects over the past couple of builds. We’ve even gotten some beautiful hands/gloves inside the car in the most recent build. There have been some sneak peaks, but no images have surfaced just yet. I expect to see flagmen added at the start/finish lines in this build at all tracks. There is some speculation that iRacing would have to add flagmen to each individual track, but I can’t imagine iRacing didn’t plan for this in the past and make it pretty simple for themselves to add everywhere. On the road side, we probably won’t see flaggers around the track until next build.

With the introduction of flaggers, I believe iRacing will transition that to animated pit crews. No word on iRacing about this at all, but that seems like the most logical next step. Animated pit crews would surely mean a toll on our frame rates, so it will be a big task on iRacing to keep frame hits to a minimum. I would expect an option regardless in options to allow turning off animated pit crews if and when that time comes.

iRacing introduced new track shaders in the last build at New Smyrna and Twin Ring Motegi. Langley was the most recently released track and also included the new track shaders. In the last episode of iRacing TV, Tony Gardener said Indy, Spa, Iowa, Thompson and Watkins Glen should have the new shaders in this upcoming build with the possibility of a few other tracks as well.

Circuit Zolder was announced earlier this year to be coming in July/August. A hard date has not been set, but I expect the track to come with this build. Possibly a Pre-Order posted at the beginning of the week. Oran Park is the next track we expect to be released in September/October.

No new cars are expected in this build at all. We should see some big updates to some current cars though. Obviously some updates to the New Tire Model will be in store, but iRacing has said they plan to rebuild the touring cars (Modifieds) from the ground up with the NTM. We could very well see those cars added in this build as well as a rework of the Legends car is coming as well. No dates have been set with these updates, but I think we could see most of them in this build.

The McLaren is the next new car on the list we should receive. In the last episode of iRacing TV, Tony Gardner spoke that the art side of the car is pretty much complete, but physics had barely been started. I would expect to see this car in the Season 4 build at the earliest.

Another feature that hasn’t been talked about much, other than a twitter post or two by Steve Myers, is the addition of Rollover Garage Tips. This would be a pop-up as you mouse-over items in the garage area. For example, when you would mouse-over tire pressures, it would pop up and say how increasing and decreasing the tire pressure will adjust the car. This is something we’ve previously had with Papyrus titles, and expect this year from iRacing.

I absolutely expect to see the League Functionality put into this build. It supposedly just missed the last build and was completed mid-season but pushed to this upcoming build. The League Functionality will allow leagues to create their own race seasons and championships. Drivers will be able to signup for the league, pay any dues, see the schedule and all points will be calculated (using a pre-set or custom points calculator). Drivers will be able to chat and post messages on the league’s wall as well.

The long awaited myTeams features are not expected in this build at all. myTeams will bring team racing to iRacing. iRacing’s goal is to have team creation, team racing and endurance racing with or without a team. A team could mean multiple drivers, spotter and crew chief all together in one race. Drivers will be able to “create a team” in races that could be setup for 24 hours, with driver swaps. I believe testing is underway, but it may be at least one more build away from reality.

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These are the things I know about so far. I’m sure there are other things in the works as well and some things we think we are going to receive but won’t. Keep tuned to as updates will be added all the way up until build time.

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