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Concord Speedway

Configurations: Concord Speedway

Concord Speedway is a 0.5 mile (0.805 km) short track and bills itself as the “World’s Fastest Half-Mile Tri-Oval” and is really a sort of mini Pocono, with three very distinct turns. With different radii and banking (14 degrees for Turn 1, 11 degrees for Turn 2 and 14 degrees for Turn Three) for each turn and straightaway (eight degrees for Start/Finish, 10 degrees for the short chute that connects Turns One and Two, and 11 degrees for the back straight) chassis setup is critical for achieving good lap times and a car that is drivable in traffic.

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Concord Speedway

Check out these screenshots of’s virtual Concord Speedway.

Concord Speedway

Located in the heart of NASCAR country, Concord Speedway features two adjacent oval tracks. The larger track, which has grandstand seating for 8,500 spectators,...