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2013 Season 1 Schedule

iRacing Schedule
ADDED: Printable one-page version of the 2013 Season 1 Schedules. Both versions were put together very fast, please use the feedback section at the bottom of this page if you find any errors.
• 2013 Season 1 OVAL Schedule – Updated 1/21 – 1:49pm ET
• 2013 Season 1 ROAD Schedule – Updated 1/21 – 4:41pm ET

2013 Season 1 Schedule: Steve Myers released the 2013 Season 1 Schedule. The schedule has been built from scratch with a fresh look at race participation and track configurations that are the most popular in the service by car. With the help of a tool created by iRacing member Joachim Boeddeker, every piece of historical data regarding race and hosted sessions was analyzed to help come up with the track selections. The time schedule has changed for almost every series as well. The most popular series have races running every hour of every day and the weaker series in regards to participation have moved to every four hours daily. The bulk of the series will remain with the “every two hour” schedule every day. The good news is that every series has daily races allowing members to find a race in their favorite series during peak racing times. 1/14

Links: Updated 2013 season 1 Schedule | Schedules & Events Page

UPDATE: There have been several complaints coming from the 2013 Season 1 Schedule, with the majority coming from race lengths on the oval side. Tony Gardner posted that they decided to keep the distances of the races to keep races from over-lapping. Tony wrote that “if we want to make the races longer we can. We can wait a week, wait 2 weeks or wait the season and see how it goes but rest assured we want to keep folks smiling as best we can. I suggest we wait a couple weeks and see how it goes.” Tony’s full post 1/15

UPDATE 2: Tony Gardner confirmed that the length of Class C (Silverado) and Class B (Impala B) NASCAR Series races will be increased in both the open and fixed setup series. Tony later talked about some other series, such as the IndyCar and multiclass prototype and GT series, but did not confirm any changes to the current plans for next season. Tony’s post 1/15

AND Steve Myers posted an updated schedule around 4:30 PM ET Monday with changes to the NASCAR Class B and C series, both open and fixed. Most races had 10-15 laps added to them. Also, Texas and Chicagoland were taken off the SK Modified schedule and replaced with Texas Legends oval and Milwaukee. Updated 2013 season 1 Schedule | Schedules & Events Page 1/15

UPDATE 3: More adjustments to the schedule bring rolling starts back to the GT Challenge Series and for the Mustang Series in 2013 Season 1. Twitter 1/17

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