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BMW E92 M3 GT2

iRacing and BMW partnership brings three cars to service

Check out this first render of the GT3 BMW. Brian Simpson said this is still very much a WIP. 1-17-2014

bmw_render bmw_nose


BMW Z4 GTE Coming UPDATE Not: iRacing has reveled the next car to join the service will be BMW’s Z4 GTE.
UPDATE: Steve Myers says iRacing is building the GT3 BMW from CAD data. “We did not get CAD data for the cockpit area so we took pictures of the GTE cockpit instead. We collected sound from this car because we that is what we had available to use so we took it.” 11-22-2013
UPDATE 2: From Brian Simpson, “Our intent is to build the GT3. We used the GTE since it was there to access and it shares a lot of similarities with the GT3. We’re not using it as the sole reference to build the GT3.”


Tony Gardner posted in the iRacing forum that some headway is being made with BMW for a GT car, working on getting full CAD data. 9-15-2013


A little more light has been shed on the license iRacing has made with the BMW cars. Steve Myers posted that the GT3 car would run in the same class with the McLaren, the GT2 car would run in the same class as the Ford GT and the 320si or 1 Series car would run in the same class as the Honda. Steve also posted that it will take around two years to get all of the cars built. 12-23-2012


Steve Myers tweeted earlier today: “Finishing my last work week of the year strong. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft = @iRacing official partner.” This appears to be a major announcement that iRacing has signed a deal with BMW. No details are available, but the partnership may likely lead to one or more BMWs to be added to the service. This would further extend iRacing’s reach of European content. 12-20-12

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