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iRacing adds Brass Monkey support

iRacing is now utilizing the Brass Monkey engine to provide integration between your tablet/smart phone and iRacing. By downloading the brass monkey client from your app store you can now use your tablet or phone as a digital dash or even as a driving controller. Simply launch the Brass Monkey client on your phone, and click the iRacing link once the simulator is up and running. Tapping the steering wheel or HUD icon in the upper left will allow you to switch between displays. The app.ini key [Brass Monkey] BMAllowDrive=1 allows you to shut off the driving controls permanently.


1) Install brass monkey client on your phone/tablet
2) Launch brass monkey client on your phone/tablet
3) Start the iRacing simulator (not the website)
4) Click the iRacing link on the brass monkey client to connect
5) Click the steering wheel or HUD icon in the upper right hand side to switch between a heads up display and driving controls
6) If you can’t make this work, double check that your phone is on the same wifi network as your computer.

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