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2014 Indy 500 (Take 2)

The iRacing Indy 500 will have two time slots – Friday at 8pm Eastern / (00:00 GMT Saturday) and Saturday 2pm Eastern / (18:00 GMT Saturday).

Event Date and Time: Friday July 18th 8PM ET US (00:00 GMT Saturday) AND Saturday July 19th 2PM ET US (18:00 GMT Saturday) 
Pro – C Oval license holders and D – Rookie Oval license holders will share the same start time on Friday and Saturday 

Special NoteWhile we are confident we have addressed the issue that caused our web problems during the initial running of the 2014 Indy 500 we will still be using this event as a test. All participants – anyone who registers for any of the races – will receive the iTested award. The award is a manual process so it will not show up in your account until sometime during the following week. If we encounter significant issues during the Friday night races we will cancel Saturday’s races and not reschedule until issues are resolved.

This event provides a way for us to tune using real data from a real event. From a user’s perspective, the joining process might not appear to be trouble free. There could be delays because we don’t have the allocations on the site optimized. However we do have a high degree of confidence that the site as a whole will not crash, and that if you do encounter a delay in joining a session if you stick with it, you will get in.

The other good news is with the data collected from this event, we’ll be able to better tune the site with the goal to eliminate delays for future events. 

Server: US Server Only 

Car: Dallara Indy car – DW12 

Track: Indy Oval 

Practice Sessions: Open practice sessions will begin on Tuesday, July 15th at 00:00 GMT (Monday 8:00 PM US ET) and will remain open until the event starts 

Qualifying: Qualifying sessions will begin on Tuesday, July 15th at 00:30 GMT (Monday 8:30 PM US ET) and will remain open through July 17th at 23:59. Note that qualifying times from the May 2014 Indy 500 will be carried forward so if you posted a qualifying time previously that will count. You can also continue to try and better your qualifying time if you want to do so. If you didn’t previously qualify you can do so during the new qualifying sessions. 

Qualifying Process: Each qualifying session will last for four green flag laps. Average lap time will be your qualifying time. Drivers will be placed in splits based on Qualifying times and gridded based on their qualifying time. Qualifying is not required. If a driver does not post a qualifying time they will be placed behind all the drivers in their split who did post a qualifying time, then they will be gridded according to their iRating. 

Warm up: A 15 minute warm-up will precede the race, to allow extra time to join the session 

Safety Rating & iRating: This event is an official session and official session rules apply. Safety Rating and iRating will be in effect. 

Tows, Resets, Pitstops, Yellow Flags: Rookie & D license drivers will be allowed one reset (a tow back to pit lane and a fully repaired racecar). No resets will be allowed for Pro – C license drivers. Damage repair will be on. Typical pit stop rules will be in effect. The race will begin with a rolling start. Full course yellow flags and single file restarts will be used. 

Race Length: 200 laps 

Max Incidents: 24 

Field Size: Up to 33 racecars per split 

• TBD 

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