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iRacing Maintenance: Monday 12.14.15 4am EST will be coming down for deployment of an update.

This update should address some of the issues being reported to us after our 2016 Season 1 Update earlier this week.

Release Notes will be posted before the service become unavailable.

This maintenance will affect all regions and members will be unable host or join sessions during the downtime. Also, both commerical services and the forums will be down for at least a portion of the maintenance window. Downtime Schedule:

Monday 2015-12-14 0400 Hosted Sessions Unavailable*
Monday 2015-12-14 0800 Service Unavailable
Monday 2015-12-14 1400 Service Restored

Monday 2015-12-14 0900 Hosted Sessions Unavailable*
Monday 2015-12-14 1300 Service Unavailable
Monday 2015-12-14 1900 Service Restored

Monday 2015-12-14 2000 Hosted Sessions Unavailable*
Tuesday 2015-12-15 0000 Service Unavailable
Tuesday 2015-12-15 0600 Service Restored

All times are subject to change.

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Sessions in progress at the start of maintenance may be terminated. There will be no record of such events whether official or not.

* Hosted sessions are allowed that do not overlap the service maintenance period. For example, 6 hours before the service is down, you can create a hosted session that lasts 4 hours, but not one that lasts for 6 hours.

Does “0000” make you say “what?”

You might find the following time converters helpful:

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