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Winter iRacing NASCAR Series coming to iRacing November 29

Starting November 29th, iRacing will debut a new series to keep the oval competition going during the winter months.

This new series will feature the 1987 Ford Thunderbird and Chevy Monte Carlo in both Fixed and Open setup events following the standard NASCAR iRacing Series limited  time slots. 

This 10 week series will follow the schedule below.

1Nov 29Charlotte167Late Afternoon6
2Dec 6Talladega94Afternoon4
3Dec 13North Wilksboro200Afternoon6
4Dec 20Nashville SS150Late Afternoon6
5Dec 27Legacy Daytona120Afternoon5
6Jan 3Darlington184Late Afternoon7
7Jan 10Homestead134Afternoon6
8Jan 17Rockingham200Noon7
9Jan 24Michigan100Afternoon5
10Jan 31Legacy Phoenix156Afternoon5

*Tire sets are subject to change

Fixed Time Slots

Timeslot #1 – Wednesday 21:00 GMT (Wednesday 4 pm eastern)

Timeslot #2 – Friday 2:00 GMT (Thursday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 10:00 GMT (Saturday 5 am eastern)

Timeslot #4 – Saturday 17:00 GMT (Saturday 12 pm eastern)

Timeslot #5 – Monday 2:00 GMT (Sunday 9 pm eastern)

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Open Time Slots

Timeslot #1 – Thursday 02:00 GMT (Wednesday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #2 – Thursday 19:00 GMT  (Thursday 2 pm eastern)

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 2:00 GMT (Friday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #4 – Sunday 15:00 GMT (Sunday 10 am eastern)

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