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Toyota GR86

iRacing partners with Toyota to build GR86 Cup car for new GR Cup Series

iRacing has announced that it will be collaborating with Toyota to build a virtual version of the Toyota GR86 Cup car for the new GR Cup Series. The series, which is set to debut on the iRacing platform in 2022, will feature drivers competing in virtual versions of the GR86 Cup car on a variety of tracks around the world.

The Toyota GR86 Cup car is a high-performance sports car that was developed specifically for racing. It features a lightweight body and a powerful engine, making it capable of impressive speed and handling on the track. The virtual version of the car that will be featured in the GR Cup Series is being built in conjunction with Toyota, ensuring that it will be as authentic and realistic as possible.

The new GR Cup Series is sure to be a hit with sim racing fans, as it will provide an exciting and competitive racing experience. Drivers will have the opportunity to compete in virtual versions of the GR86 Cup car on a variety of tracks, including iconic circuits like the Suzuka Circuit and the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

The partnership between iRacing and Toyota is a major milestone for the sim racing industry, as it shows that major automakers are recognizing the growing popularity of sim racing and the potential it has to bring racing fans together. It’s an exciting time for sim racing, and the Toyota GR Cup Series is sure to be a highlight of the iRacing platform.

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