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Ligier JS P320

Tech: Ligier JS P320

The Ligier JS P320 is a true beast on the racetrack, boasting an array of impressive technical specifications that make it a force to be reckoned with. From its cutting-edge chassis and suspension to its powerful engine and advanced safety features, the JS P320 delivers exceptional performance and ensures a thrilling driving experience.


The JS P320 features a monocoque carbon chassis, expertly crafted by HP Composites. This lightweight yet rigid structure provides optimal strength and safety while reducing overall weight. The bodywork, also made of carbon fiber by HP Composites, adds aerodynamic efficiency to the car’s design.


The Ligier JS P320 measures 4605mm in length, 1900mm in width, and has a wheelbase of 2860mm. These dimensions contribute to the car’s stability and handling capabilities, allowing drivers to push the limits on the track.


Weighing in at 950kg, the JS P320 strikes an impressive balance between lightweight construction and durability. This optimal weight distribution enhances the car’s agility and responsiveness, enabling precise control for drivers.


The JS P320 utilizes a double wishbone suspension system, combined with a pushrod and spring-damper setup. The car is equipped with 4-ways through-rod Ohlins TTX40 dampers, providing exceptional suspension control and adaptability. An adjustable anti-roll bar system and a 3rd element at the front and rear further enhance the car’s stability during high-speed maneuvers.


Powering the Ligier JS P320 is a 6-speed sequential gearbox Xtrac 1152 with an aluminum casing. The gearbox is paired with a semi-automatic pneumatic steering wheel paddle-shift system, known as Megaline, enabling lightning-fast gear changes. An oil radiator ensures optimal cooling for the gearbox, enhancing its performance and reliability.


The JS P320 features hydraulic power-assisted steering, providing drivers with precise and responsive control. To maintain optimal performance, the steering system is cooled by an oil radiator, preventing overheating during intense racing sessions.

Engine & Electronics

Under the hood, the Ligier JS P320 houses a Nissan VK56 V8 engine, boasting a displacement of 5.6 liters and producing a formidable 460 horsepower. This powertrain delivers exceptional acceleration and top speeds, propelling the car to new heights on the racetrack. The gearbox and engine control units are provided by Magneti-Marelli, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


Equipped with a Brembo braking package, the JS P320 features 6-piston calipers both at the front and rear, gripping onto 14-inch discs. This high-performance braking system provides exceptional stopping power and allows for precise braking control, even in the most demanding racing conditions.


The Ligier JS P320 is equipped with Ø18-inch magnesium OZ Racing rims. The front rims have a width of 12.5 inches, while the rear rims measure 13 inches. These lightweight yet sturdy rims contribute to overall performance and ensure optimal traction on the track.

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The JS P320 adheres to the 2020 ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) safety rules, ensuring the highest standards of safety for drivers. The car features Zylon side panels, driver padding, and a new homologated double carbon seat, providing enhanced protection in the event of an accident. The cockpit ventilation system ensures a comfortable and safe environment for drivers, and the car is compatible with Hans (Head and Neck Support) devices. Additionally, the carbon shell construction further reinforces the car’s safety structure.

The Ligier JS P320 represents the pinnacle of LMP3 racing, combining innovative technology, exceptional performance, and advanced safety features. Whether on the virtual racetrack in iRacing or in real-life competitions, this powerhouse of a car is poised to leave a lasting impression on drivers and spectators alike.

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