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iRacing Enhances Spotter System

iRacing has recently updated its Spotter System with new spotter calls and updates for race control. These enhancements aim to provide a more accurate and dynamic experience for iRacing drivers.

One of the notable improvements is the system’s ability to read Race Control events in real-time. This means that as events unfold on the track, the spotter system can relay relevant information to the drivers. This feature enhances the overall realism and immersion of the racing experience.

The updated spotter now includes a range of new Spotter Calls that cover various scenarios. These calls help drivers stay informed about critical events happening during a race. Some of the new spotter calls include alerts for a car in front or behind pitting, a faster car approaching, gaining or losing position to the car in front, leader changes, leader lap times, when the leader is lapping you, session’s new fastest lap, your personal best lap time, and time remaining in the session (20/10/5 minutes). These spotter calls can be customized in the “[SPCC]” section of the “app.ini” file, allowing drivers to tailor their experience according to their preferences.

To provide more control over the spotter system, a new “Silence” function has been added. Users can bind a key press in the Sound Options Menu, which will interrupt any ongoing spotter message and temporarily disable future messages for a short duration. The duration of this “hush” can be adjusted in the “app.ini” file through the “hushDuration” variable in the “[SPCC]” section. This feature enables drivers to manage the frequency of spotter calls based on their needs and concentration levels.

The update also brings improvements to the “Leader Car” calls. Previously, these calls referred to the outright leader regardless of the player’s class. However, with the recent update, the spotter messages now reference the leader in the same class as the player’s car. This change ensures that the spotter’s alerts are relevant and specific to each player’s position in their respective class. Messages such as the leader pitting, leader at Start/Finish, catching the leader, and one lap to win (for the leader car) are now class-specific, enhancing the realism and competitiveness of the racing experience.

Additionally, both Italian spotter packs have received updates and improvements, thanks to Renzo A. Olivieri and Marco Arcidiacono. These updates enhance the accuracy and authenticity of the Italian spotter calls, catering to the iRacing community in Italy.

Lastly, the spotter system’s logic for the Race Laps remaining message has been updated. This ensures that drivers receive accurate and timely information about the remaining laps in a race, allowing them to plan their strategies and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, an issue related to fuel spotter calls has been fixed. Previously, there was a discrepancy when the pit entry location significantly differed from the Start/Finish line location. With the fix in place, fuel-related spotter calls now provide accurate information, regardless of the pit entry’s position.

Overall, the updated Spotter System in iRacing brings a range of new spotter calls and improvements for race control, enhancing the realism, immersion, and competitiveness of the racing experience. These enhancements provide drivers with essential information and better control over the spotter system, ensuring a more engaging and enjoyable racing experience on the virtual track.

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