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Changes Coming to iRacing’s GT Ladder

iRacing, the leading online racing simulation platform, is set to introduce some exciting changes to its GT ladder with the release of Season 4, 2023. These updates aim to closely align the virtual racing experience with real-world trends while introducing new and thrilling opportunities for racers.

One significant change stems from the evolving landscape of real-world racing, where the GTE class is being phased out in favor of GT3 racing for multiclass events. iRacing, always striving for authenticity, has decided to mirror this shift as closely as possible while still catering to the dedicated GTE community on the platform.

The most prominent update in the GT ladder affects the top tier, the IMSA iRacing Series. This series will be elevated to the A level, ensuring it receives the recognition it deserves. Additionally, a fixed setup series will run on alternate hours, providing an identical racing format for those seeking a level playing field.

Simultaneously, the European Sprint Series will undergo a reformatting process. Moving down to the B level, it will be transformed into the GTE Sprint Pure Driving School Series. This rebranding will emphasize the GTE class exclusively, catering to the passionate racers who enjoy the unique challenges presented by these cars. Moreover, the race durations will be shortened from 60 minutes to 45 minutes, intensifying the on-track action and allowing for more dynamic racing.

For fans of endurance racing, Season 4, 2023 marks the return of the highly anticipated European Endurance Series, now rebranded as the “Global Endurance Pure Driving School Tour.” To address potential confusion among participants, this series will continue its tradition of six-hour team racing. However, the GTE class will be replaced with the popular GT3 class, aligning the virtual series with the global trend of GT3 endurance racing.

These changes in the iRacing GT ladder not only reflect the evolving landscape of real-world motorsports but also provide a more immersive and engaging experience for virtual racers. By aligning with the shift from GTE to GT3, iRacing ensures that its platform remains relevant and up to date, catering to the desires and interests of its dedicated community.

As Season 4, 2023 approaches, anticipation builds among iRacing enthusiasts who eagerly await the chance to test their skills in these revamped series. Whether it’s battling wheel-to-wheel in the IMSA iRacing Series or experiencing the intensity of endurance racing in the Global Endurance Pure Driving School Tour, the upcoming season promises to be an exhilarating journey for virtual racers around the world. Buckle up, as the iRacing GT ladder enters a new era of realism and excitement!

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