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2009 Build Notes

2009.02.11 Build Release Notes


Adjusted Silverado side mirror so that it shows a view similar to the Impala

The Riley Daytona Prototype is available. It has a wealth of aerodynamic adjustability, plus adjustable bump stop gaps with 1mm shims! The total aerodynamic downforce and front/rear downforce balance is adjustable by altering ride height and rake, as well as through a number of aero options such as front dive planes (winglets that attach to the front fenders), multiple rear spoiler configurations and rear wing angle and wicker adjustments. Generally more rake (higher rear ride height wrt front) and less front ride height will move the downforce more to the front, and increase overall downforce. If the car is trimmed out for top speed, you may want to raise the front or reduce rake to keep the car balanced.

The Impala and Silverado now have adjustable steering ratios?8:1, 10:1, 12:1, 14:1, and 16:1 are available.

Open Practice

Added ‘LoadTexturesWhenDriving’ option to renderer.ini. Set to 0 to disable opponent car texture loading while on track during open practice sessions, then the textures for new drivers will load only while you are out of car, and will appear white until loaded.

Race Control

Improvements and bugfixes to the pace car when it picks up the leader at the beginning of a caution.

Bug Fixes

All club names display correctly in-sim. No more club ??none-?.


Some sound cards are having troubles with Voice Chat and the Spotter in the recent release, which now play back at their native sample rates rather than being resampled to match other sim sounds. For compatibility with these sound cards, and for anyone who prefers how Voice Chat sounded prior to this release, we have added app.ini options to force resampling. The two options are overrideSpccRate and overrideVoiceChatRate. The default setting of 0 means ?use the native sample rate?, while setting them to 1 means ‘resample to match other simulation sounds’.

Updates to car versus scenery scraping sounds.

Updates to Silverado engine sounds.

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Updates to Impala engine sounds.

Region Standings Widget

A modified Region standings widget has been implemented on the home page. After divisions have been created for the season, the default view of this widget shows overall club standings for the member’s region. Data includes Club Pts as well as points delta from 1st and points needed to move up in rank.

1/2/3 Wk Totals columns will be integrated in the future. Links to each club?s overall standings and standings by series are also provided based upon drop-down selection.

The Regional Stats page RESET button functionality has been updated to reflect the parameters defining the page load. If Regional Stats is accessed from the Region Standings widget, then a RESET will reflect the parameters sent to the page from the Region Standings widget. If Regional Stats is accessed from the site nav, then RESET will reflect the parameters described by the series selected to the Race panel.

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