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2009 Build Notes

2009.04.27 Build Release Notes

Race Control

Crashes on the final lap of a race no longer cause a full course caution.


The Class B Chevy Impala has been added

The SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer Ford has been added

Wheels now have a more correct friction against walls. The tires have been adjusted for the Impala, Class B Impala, and Silverado. The transmission ratios are changed depending on track type for Impala, Class B Impala, and Silverado. There is a road course, short track, and speedway gearing, which is selected for you, you can’t change those. The diff ratio is still adjustable in the garage, although several of the ratios have changed. Third gear is a bit shorter than it was (it was a 1.23 gear, is now a 1.33, except at the road courses where it is a 1.17). That should make shifting less of an advantage at most ovals.

The Silverado has more horsepower now from new data we have received.

The Silverado aero model has been substantially improved.

Race Week Scoring

We have changed the way your race week points are scored. We now only average the top 50% of your races run in a given week in a series instead of all of your races run.


The spotter warns you when you are running low on fuel.

The spotter provides pace order instructions similar to the on-screen display.

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Tech Inspection

The Tech Inspection now allows the car to settle a moment longer and is more tolerant of borderline values. This should allow any setup that passes when loaded in the garage to pass tech.

Hardware compatibility

If you are suffering from stuttering graphics in the sim, try the following: In the sim?s sound options, set your microphone to ?None?. If that solves your graphical problems, set your mic back to what it was and open the file My Documents\iRacing\app.ini. In app.ini, change micAlwaysActive=1 to micAlwaysActive=0 and save the file. This may limit the graphical stutters to only occur when speaking over voice chat, however it may make the problems worse when speaking. If you are not experiencing graphical stutters, or setting your mic to ?None? does not affect the stutters, then you should not change this setting from its default value.


The code that breaks race sessions up into multiple run-groups when there are too many drivers for a single group has been tweaked. It is now more likely that drivers will be placed into a run-group with a Strength Of Field appropriate for their iRating.


Paypal has been added as a payment option.

The Results page has been greatly enhanced and also moved. It now resides in a new primary nav section called ‘Events’. This is the first of many pages to come to the new Events section of the site. The Results page is now filterable and sortable in a variety of ways. It is also a one-stop location for you to look up the results of all of all other iRacing drivers? no more page jumping.

New feature-loaded Customize Car page introduced. Car paint may be applied to one or more cars at a time. Color and font choice for car number is now offered as well as choice of 2 sponsorship logos.

Bug fix on replays page to properly display stats according to the Author of the replay when more than one replay may exist from the same subsession with different Authors

A new World Records page is available under STATS

Registered user count re-implemented on Series page.

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Net Code

Improvements have been made to the Net Code and in particular the prediction of remote cars location with lost packets.


Video memory is now managed vastly differently. Lookout for ‘loading failed’ type errors or any new graphical problems. You mignt try alt-tabbing in full screen mode to see if it works better/worse/same than before.

The available texture memory slider can now be set up to a max of 768MB. The auto-detect will still max out at 512MB though, for safety reasons. If you have 1 GB video card (this does not include 2 cards each with 512 MB) you might try setting it to the max and checking if any loading or performance problems result.

A new graphics option, ‘High Resolution Car Textures’ has been added. This option raises the priority of the car paint jobs textures causing them to keep more detail when very large on screen. Every few frames, the 3 cars closest to the camera (and visible on screen) will have their high-detail textures swapped into video memory if necessary. The downside of this option is that the simulation may consume more system RAM, but video RAM usage will remain about the same as before.


Road Atlanta has been added


Cars are run through Tech Inspection at the beginning of each Qualifying, Time Trial, Race (warmup and the race). If your car fails tech, you willl need to go to the Garage to fix your setup before you are allowed on to the track.

When trying to load a new setup the sim will not save your current setup if it is not legal.

The Garage screen no longer responds to your steering wheel angle.

During Qualifying and Time Trial sessions, your pit crew will no longer service your car

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Use the Garage to make changes to your setup.


Exiting your car now counts towards the reset limit.

Class C, B and A now have no resets allowed. Unofficial seasons always allow a reset for now.

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