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2009 Build Notes

2009.05.07 Build Release Notes


Added an option to renderer.ini to override the recent cockpit mirror optimization. The optimization still defaults to enabled. Set CockpitMirrorOptimization=0 to disable the optimization and render every mirror every frame.


Spotter volume control works again.


Best laps for certain types of event are filtered very “strictly” to facilitate more reliable world record tracking. Qualifying, Time Trial, and Race events will not consider any laps where any type of event that may possibly compromise the lap time (invalid, pitted, contact, internet connectivity problems, etc) as valid for a best lap.

A new service calendar has been added. This calendar is accessible by clicking on the calendar icon in the upper right identity section or by going to the Events section. This calendar lists several major iRacing events for the upcoming year as well as many real world racing series schedules.


When you run out of resets and try to reset again you will no longer get pulled out of the car ending your race.

Exiting the car is considered a reset, when your limit is reached you will not be able to re-enter the world.

You can exit your car and re-enter the world without limit while people are getting onto the grid at the start of the race, but the instant everyone is on the grid exits are no longer free, so only do this with caution (wrong setup, fix calibration, etc) or you may get locked out of the race.

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