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2009 Build Notes

2009.12.11 Build Release Notes


– Club Florida’s logo is updated.

– Shared setups to club members are now visible only to club members, not everyone.

– Allow someone their spot back in a hosted race even when all pits are in use, as long as one of the pits is theirs.

– Fixed several helmet and suit patterns that were displaying incorrectly.

– The iRacingService downloader writes to disk less often.

– Changing UI size while driving (with ctrl-pgup, ctrl-pgdn) no longer causes the sim to fall into replay graphics settings, which typically then lowers driving fps.


– Added the optional TJ Majors and Lance McGrew spotter pack.

– Fixed spotter crackle.

– Reduce spotter volume fade-in at beginning of each sample.

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– The sim better deals with loading a spotter pack with bad files instead of failing.


– Tows prior to race starts will now hold you in your pit stall until the lane opens after race goes green.

– Missing a race start is improved. Now you can enter your pit stall immediately if you click on the green button, and you will be held in your pit stall until the lane opens after race goes green.

– The Grid button now shows a countdown timer so you know how long you have until you miss the start. But don’t forget that once everyone gets on grid then it shortcuts to the race start procedure.

– A very unlikely chance of issuing a reset instead of a tow during race sessions has been eliminated.

– Improve number of caution pacing laps: very long tracks can shorten pacing considerably now.

– Drivers entering the pits as a pacing field comes up to take the checkered flag will now properly be removed from the pacing order, so people still on track don’t get black flagged.

– It should no longer be possible to sneakily pass someone within 1 second of taking the checkered flag while pacing.


– C6R – The front fenders should display in the cockpit when the car is damaged.

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– Riley DP – fixed a pattern that was displaying incorrectly.

– Star Mazda – The rear wing of the Formula Mazda should show damage properly.

– Impala – Now has a limited pit crew wedge adjustment of +/- 5/8″ from the right rear spring perch offset in your setup.

– Impala – Added the Chevrolet logo’s to patterns that didn’t have them.

– Impala B – Added the Chevrolet logo’s to patterns that didn’t have them.

– Dallara – Logos on the Dallara’s side pods were being scaled incorrectly.


– Mosport – Billboard artwork revisions.

– Lakeland – Fixed pitwall segment that was displaying texture corruption.

– Indianapolis – Rotated and rescaled the speedway water tower so it matches reference.

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