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2010 Build Notes

03.02.2010 Build Release Notes

These notes pertain to the build that will be deployed during the 05-Mar-10 0900 GMT [05-Mar-10 0400 EST] maintenance.

– Fixed an issue that caused Impala A and B replays from prior to this season to not play back the car of the driver who saved the replay.

– Fixed a bug in fast-track demotions where a demotion could fail to occur.

– Fixed the Daytona crossover gates.

– Race control will penalize lapped cars who are getting waved around past the pace car if they are ahead of the pace car at the moment they get the wave around (as the pace field transitions to one lap to go.)

– An improvement has been made to areas where multiple pieces of track join up so that the seams may be less bumpy.

– A hotkey has been added for fast car selection while watching a replay. Press the * key, then type in the number of the car you want to view and press Enter, using the numeric keypad or main keyboard.

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