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2010 Build Notes

05.17.2010 Build Release Notes


– Hosted sessions now have the same wind speed and direction as our online sessions.

– Fixed a bug that would cause SR to be computed incorrectly when demoting a Pro license holder into Class A. The incorrect SR would self-correct the next time the driver competed in an on-line session that impacted their SR.

– Changes were made to qualifying and race splits to support the upcoming World Tour Indy 500 event.

– Enabled ctrl-c, ctrl-x, ctrl-v to Windows clipboard for text input widgets within the Simulation.

– Ctrl-c will copy a description of the selected lap in the Splits tab into the Windows clipboard.

– A new helmet pattern is added.


– Fixed a bug that was impacting a small number of IE8 members. The bug was preventing members from entering multicar/multiclass sessions because some IE8 instances incorrectly report their version in such a way that the browser appears to be IE6. This rendered the car selection dialog unusable.

– Fixed bug on series home page where standings were not being displayed for single class series.

Race Panel

– Changed series selection dropdown to redirect to the series sessions page

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Car Collisions

– Fixed a bug in car chassis to ground collisions where the sim could fail to detect chassis grounding for a short while causing a bit of an explosion when it finally realises the chassis has sunk into the ground.

– The impact threshold for car to car contact earning 4 incident points has been increased.

– The following vehicles have had their physical collision model improved to better match their visual model to help reduce “phantom” collisions:

. Dallara IndyCar . Legends . Lotus 79 . Radical SR8 . Riley DP . Skip Barber Formula 2000 . Star Mazda

Dallara IndyCar

– Now has an additional car pattern.

– No longer gets as aero loose when cars are right behind.

– New default Indy setup.

Ford Falcon

– Engine sounds have more bass.

– In the garage disconnecting the front or rear antiroll bars while making setup adjustments now entirely disconnects the antiroll bar, instead of switching it to the one directional behavior that the oval car antiroll bars have.

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Star Mazda

– No longer gets as aero loose when cars are right behind.

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