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Past Release Notes

05.16.2013 Release Notes


– The simulator now loads faster due to programmable shader loading optimizations.

– Fixed a memory leak which may have been causing crashes in on-line events containing many cars with custom paint. The simulator also now limits the largest custom paint texture that it will attempt to load to a maximum dimension of 2048.

– Improved the system memory limiting function in the simulator to better account for the slightly larger size of code and data in 64-bit mode, for the case when more than 44 paint jobs may be loaded in the current session, and for the new dynamic shadow maps. If system memory (RAM) is limited on your PC we recommend enabling the replay spooling option. This is because the static replay buffer is not yet accounted for in the system memory limit, and as the static replay data grows during the session the memory load can slowly increase substantially over the requested limit.

– Fixed a crash when loading replays when car numbers are turned off in testing sessions.


– Fixed a bug where when an admin ejects someone the admin would be marked as ejected and prevented from rejoining the server instead of the ejectee being prevented from rejoining.

– Fixed an bug that could cause the simulation to exit unexpectedly if you connect to a session just as a spectator withdraws from it.

Custom Paint Schemes

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– When loading a custom paint for a car from the old custom paint directory, the alpha channel is ignored so that they can display correctly.


– Fixed an issue that could cause the Garage screen to have all of the controls for adjusting the setup disabled while there is a crew member connected to the session.

Force Feedback

– Fix a bug that could cause the sim to lose all force feedback while a car is driving.

Dallara IndyCar

– Fixed a problem that could cause the tires to act strangely if they are nearly worn out.

– Revised oval setups for this season.

Ford Fusion-Gen6

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– The seat no longer disappears when the car gets damaged.

Kia Optima

– Fixed the reflections off the Kia Optima license stripe.

Williams-Toyota FW31

– Fixed the problem where the engine sound of nearby cars would cut out.

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