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2015 Build Notes

Rendering – The rendering cutoff distance for track surfaces at most tracks has been increased by 1km. – Improved the graphics autoconfig to set...

2015 Build Notes is proud to release our 2016 Season 1 Update! Prepare yourselves for the excitement of getting behind the wheel of the McLaren MP4-30,...



Some @iRacing @DAYTONA 24 stats. 3911 teams and 15780 declared drivers across all race sessions. 2 teams registered for all four sessions. 7 customers declared as drivers for four sessions (does not account for possibly declared by more than one team) over 22K members online.
Just finished my stint in the car! Up to P5 with a few seconds of light damage left to repair. Not down much on speed and continue to move forward. Watch us live at #Daytona24h #iRacingDaytona24 @iRacing
2022 @iRacing @DAYTONA 24 is underway! We started P13 and are up to P8 after just 20 minutes in. Watch us LIVE!