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2008 Build Notes

Build Notes: 06.25.2008

User Interface

Force Feedback ‘Dampening’ option removed ‘ it no longer did anything.

Corrected sorting order for numerical columns in Session screen tabs.

Re-ordered sound options to ‘Simulation’ and ‘Voice Chat’ sections to clarify the options’ intents.

Cleaned up voice chat notifications.

Removed voice chat ‘you are transmitting’ sound ‘ people thought that they were transmitting static.

Session screen tabs, F2, and F3 black boxes corrected to no longer clip times, some club names, etc. Long driver names may still clip if too large to fit in the available space.

The F3 black box can no longer scroll past the end of the list.

At race start, the F2 standings black box correctly shows qualifying times.

Your wheel now shows up on the replay screen after exiting the drive screen twice.

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Pedal displays are more accurate ‘ they no longer display a small minimum depression at lower display resolutions.

Fix for Euro symbol being displayed in some system messages in text chat (but long messages still clip).

Graphics resolution droplist displays correctly. No, really, it’s actually fixed this time.

Graphics options for AA and AF now list ‘None’ instead of ‘1x’


The functionality of STATS section’s Clubs page has been expanded to allow the viewing of all drivers in a given club. Currently the value shown under the Club Points column when viewing a club’s driver list is reporting incorrectly. This will be addressed soon.

The STATS Series page has been updated to show if a given race week is counted or dropped.

Firefox 3 now shows as a supported browser.

We have added the option to select your internet connection type in the ‘my account’ section of the website. New customers will also be able to select their connection type during sign up.

Control Assignments

The sequential and direct shift gearbox controls may now be assigned to the same device.

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The clutch pedal control now shows activation in the options screen when assigned to a button or keyboard device.

iRacing Chat Client

Several chat client audio issues have been fixed, including the initial pop or squeal sometimes played. Also a new option for recording voice using 8-bits (the default is 16-bits) has been added which might solve some of the recording issues for some audio devices ‘ if you are having issues using voice chat from the web based chat client, you might try this new option to see if it works better.

Graphics Engine Updates

The graphical issue where many tire barriers sparkled in the distance has been fixed.

Track Bump Maps

Several incorrect bumps at various tracks have been repaired.

Art Updates

Floating crowd fixed near the start/finish line at Summit.

Fixed tire LOD issues on the Radical and Silver Crown.

Fixed Latemodel exhaust pipe changing to pattern color when damaged.

Fixed helmet patterns 41 and 42 so the license strip displays properly.

Physics Updates

The caster is now measured correctly at all tracks.

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The gearbox timing is now set per car, and H-pattern shifters do not have a shift time advantage.

The Skip Barber car now has adjustable brake bias in the garage.

Race Control and ttRatings

Fixed a problem wherein car numbers were assigned incorrectly in races with a mix of Rookie and non-Rookie participants.

We have adjusted the ttRating formula so that drivers that have only time trialed at a few tracks are less likely to see their ttRating fall when they time trial at a new track. Everyone’s ttRating has been recomputed using this new formula. It is likely that the relative ordering of drivers based on ttRating has changed.

From time to time, ttRatings will be adjusted service-wide so that they better match the current iRating range. ttRatings have been adjusted during this release. Note that this amounts to applying a scale to everyone’s ttRating, so the relative order between drivers does not change.

Client Software Updater

The web site will now better track the download and install progress of iRacing updates.


Updated engine sounds for the Formula Mazda, Silver Crown, Radical SR8 and Pontiac Solstice.

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