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06.22.2010 Build Release Notes


– The Ford Mustang FR500S is now available.

– Added some Mid-Ohio finishing touches and fixes.

– Fixed bug where club stats were always showing 0 on personal stats page.

– Fixed lap chart bug where the finishing positions weren’t being displayed properly.

– Fixed javascript error on series stats pages.

– Fixed license button filters on the results page.

– Added onkeyup handler to paint shop font and sponsor pulldowns so you can easily shop for fonts and sponsors with up/down keys.

Driving School

You’ll see the new driving school under Resources in the main navigation bar. The driving school is segmented into chapters. Each chapter has a video associated with it and 0 or more driving exercises associated with it. You can navigate through the chapters by selecting them from the pulldown. This will populate the bottom part of the UI with information about the chapter.

If driving exercises are associated with the chapter you will see the familiar buttons that tell you whether you need to update, buy content etc or if you can join the in-sim driving exercise. You will also see a notes icon that you can mouseover to get tips on what you should try to accomplish in-sim.

Another option for navigating the chapters is to use the horizontal playlist that is positioned just below the video player.

You will notice that each video in the playlist has a checkmark overlay. As you watch the videos you will see the checkmarks turn green. When you have watched watched all of the videos and you can see green checkmarks on all of the video thumbnails you should see a congratulations message with a “Download Certificate” button. Clicking this will generate a PDF of a driving school certificate.

If the videos aren’t playing smoothly there are a few things you can try to improve your experience:

– Use the quality pulldown above the player to load a lower quality video. This system will remember your selection so you only need to do this once.

– Buffer the entire video before playing. To do this you should play a video and as soon as it starts press the pause button. You will see the gray scrubber bar extend to the right as the video data is loaded in the background. When the bar moves all the way to the right you should be able to resume playing the video without interruption.

– Close any other applications you have running in the background. If the video is completely buffered and still won’t play smoothly it means that your PC is resource constrained. Closing applications will free up memory and cpu and should improve your viewing experience.

If the videos don’t play at all you may need to enable cookies from

If the videos aren’t caching properly in your browser you may need to increase the size of your browser’s disk cache. Please refer to your browser documentation for instructions on increasing this setting to at least 250Mb.

The driving school exercises do not require that you purchase a car or track. The only difference in-sim is that we created 3 new track configurations that include driving cones. You should see new configurations for summit, laguna seca and lime rock. You can access them from the driving school or from the test panel.

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