Monday, March 30, 2020
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iOS & Android Apps

Shift Gear

Shift Gear is a shift light and dashboard application for iRacing simulator on Windows and Android systems. You can use this for all road cars to help you in the race. Link: Shift Gear – Free to Try – $5.99 to buy Server …

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Nordschleife Corner Quiz v1.0

iRacer Egil Sandfeld created a cool little Android app to help memorize the numerous corner names of the Nordschleife. With the release of Nürburgring and Nordschleife for iRacing, I again find myself in the situation of not really knowing the corner …

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SimShiftLight turns your device into a shift light unit (and more) for motorsports simulators! Each car has its own user customizable RPM where the shift light turns on. In addition to the shift light, the current gear is displayed, with …

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iRaceDash provides telemetry for iRacing, including data for speed, RPM, gears, fuel, pedal position, oil temp, water temp, position, and lap data. Links: Apple Store | Google Play Store Features iRaceDash provides telemetry output for the popular motor-sports simulation iRacing. – Speed – …

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iHUD for iRacing

iHUD for iRacing is the definitive Dashboard for iRacing. With iHud for iRacing V2.4 you can customize High Definition Dashboards in your iOS device. You can play iRacing in FULL SCREEN without having to play in windowed mode and without losing any FPS. Links: iHUD …

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