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Nordschleife Corner Quiz v1.0

iRacer Egil Sandfeld created a cool little Android app to help memorize the numerous corner names of the Nordschleife.

android-app-on-google-playWith the release of Nürburgring and Nordschleife for iRacing, I again find myself in the situation of not really knowing the corner names. I have always had issues learning and remembering the corner and area names around the Nordschleife track. A few weeks ago I set out to to create a fun and short game for myself to learn the corners in a short time!

I thought this might be useful for some of you as well, so I have released my trivia game app, Nordschleife Corner Quiz. It is currently only for Android, but I’m releasing it in a few weeks for iOS as well, I believe.


nord_cornerquiz_ss3 nord_cornerquiz_ss2 nord_cornerquiz_ss1

Currently the version 1.0 features include the following:

  • 7 levels
  • 41 corner names and areas
  • Timer to see how quick you are
  • Scoring: The quicker and more correct corners the better score!
  • Highscore board to compare your corner knowledge performance with others
  • Improve on your performance and remember the corner names better
  • Saves gear level automatically to come back later and pick up where you left
  • Cumulative number of corners. More corner and more challenging in the higher levels.

In order to win in each gear level you must drag and place the corner names at the correct locations around the track. Dark corner signs will visualize where on track you may drop the corner names. Grey corner signs means that a corner names has snapped info place. When you are done, click FINISH, and results will appear. Scoring is calculated from a mix of correct number of corners and time spent. In general, the shorter time spent and the more precise you were will yield a higher score. Green corner signs shows you where you are correct and vice versa for red signs.

The game app is free with a few and rare video ads (they get rarer the longer you play). If you like this please let others know on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc., and please give it a rating in the app store! Big thanks.

I’m planning on developing this further, so here’s what’s [b]in development[/b] for at some point: – More names. Let me know if some corner or area names are missing or incorrect – 3D point cloud corner quiz, rotate a cut of the track in 3D with point cloud as the visual representation and guess the area name – Maybe trivia quiz about other historic aspects of the Green Hell apart from the corners.

If you have any ideas or feedback for the game, please feel free to comment. Reddit

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