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Dirt News

iRacing’s Dirt Racing Refresh Project

iRacing, the renowned online racing simulation platform, is proud to announce the completion of its Dirt Racing Refresh project, delivering a series of comprehensive updates and improvements to the dirt racing experience. This ambitious undertaking involved a dedicated focus group consisting of developers, vehicle dynamicists, and testers who meticulously examined every aspect of iRacing’s dirt racing mechanics. The result is a revitalized and immersive racing experience that will delight dirt racing enthusiasts.

One of the primary focuses of the Dirt Racing Refresh project was the enhancement of the dirt tracks themselves. Numerous updates were made to improve the water content of the soil, resulting in a more pronounced difference in soil strength between fresh and dry conditions. This translates to a greater variation between driving on the fresh and tacky part of the track versus the dry and slick sections, adding a new layer of challenge and strategy for drivers.

Additionally, the relationship between the dirt surface and the tires has been refined to provide a more authentic “in the track” feel. The variation in track wear and preparation has also been updated, introducing a more significant gap between low and high track wear due to the accumulation of laps. Furthermore, the introduction of track bumps through dirt and water variation adds yet another element of unpredictability and excitement. The track surface may vary from smooth to rigid and bumpy, with session-to-session variations and slight changes as the track wears over time.

The Dirt Racing Refresh project also brought improvements to the water variation scaling. Similar to a water truck watering the track, different parts of the track may vary in wetness due to gravity and water seeping to the bottom. For instance, the top of the track may be drier than before, while the bottom may be wetter. This realistic variation in water content adds another dimension to the racing experience, simulating real-world track conditions.

In addition to the track updates, several vehicles that race on dirt have been fine-tuned to improve their performance and handling. Oval cars, including the current NASCAR Cup Cars, NASCAR Trucks, ARCA Menards Impala, and Off-Road Trucks (Pro 4, Pro 2, Pro 2 Lite), have all been optimized through improvements in tire wear and physics. These updates ensure that race length and tire management play crucial roles in strategy and success.

Furthermore, the introduction of a new damage model has expanded to include Super Late Model, Pro Late Model, and Limited Late Model vehicles, adding an extra layer of realism and consequence to races.

iRacing has also addressed several bug fixes, such as dark seams on certain dirt tracks, odd wheel twitching in remote cars, and collision issues with catch fencing. These fixes ensure a smoother and more enjoyable racing experience for all users.

Looking ahead, iRacing is actively working on introducing dirt AI, which will enhance the single-player racing experience. Additionally, the Oval Refresh project is underway, aiming to bring similar improvements to the oval racing experience.

Exciting developments are also happening in iRacing’s weather system, including rain, which will have a significant impact on road racing. The team is diligently working to release these features later this year, further enhancing the overall iRacing service.

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Moreover, iRacing has exciting tracks in the pipeline, including the addition of Kern County, featuring both a dirt oval and a half-mile pavement oval. This upcoming release demonstrates iRacing’s commitment to expanding its track offerings and providing a diverse racing experience.

The Dirt Racing Refresh project is a testament to iRacing’s dedication to continuously improving its simulation platform. The tireless efforts of the development team and the feedback from the racing community have resulted in a remarkable enhancement of the dirt racing experience.

iRacing remains committed to delivering the best racing experience across all its racing categories and simulation systems. Get ready to hit the dirt tracks with renewed excitement and enjoy the thrill of iRacing’s updated dirt racing experience.

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