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Shift Gear

Shift Gear is a shift light and dashboard application for iRacing simulator on Windows and Android systems. You can use this for all road cars to help you in the race.

  • Link: Shift Gear – Free to Try – $5.99 to buy

Server side:

  • Gear by gear adjustable shift points
  • Can be used in parallel with Sound Shift (app)
  • Free Demo (15 minutes time limit)
  • Automatic connection to iRacing and to the Client

 Client side:

  • Throttle and brake gauge
  • Speedometer and Engine revolution meter
  • Race/Class position
  • Lap counter
  • Session remaining time
  • Fuel quantity and consumption
  • Gear display with shift light indicator
  • Four types of delta time to valid lap times
    (touch the screen to toggle through the comparison methods)

    • Session current, last and best lap time
    • Front and rear car proximity
    • Metric and imperial system
    • Automatic connection to the Server

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